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Billionaire Business Mogul Tunde Folawiyo dissociates from defaulting company, seeks injunction against AMCON’s ex parte order 



Tunde Folawiyo


A Lagos-based businessman, Mr. Tunde Folawiyo, has filed an exparte motion before a Federal High Court in Lagos seeking an order of stay of execution of an ex-parte order made against him in satisfaction of a judgment debt. Justice Lewis Allagoa had made orders against Mr. Folawiyo in a suit filed by the Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON) over Folawiyo’s alleged unpaid debt of N727.9 million in relation to a company directorship at Compagnie Generale de Logistique.

Folawiyo, in a suit no: FHC/L/CS/799/2020, is seeking an order of stay of execution of the ex-parte orders made against him on March 24, 2022 pending the hearing and determination of his Motion on Notice seeking to set aside the ex parte orders.

He is praying for the following relief: An order restraining the AMCON either by itself, agents, privies, servants or through any person(s) from taking any steps howsoever to enforce the ex-parte orders made against the applicant by the Court on 24th March 2022 pending the hearing and determination of the applicant’s Motion on Notice seeking to set aside the ex parte orders.

The ex-parte orders were predicated on the judgment of Justice Ibrahim Buba in Suit No: FHC/L/CS/207/2017; Asset Management Company of Nigeria (“AMCON”) v Compagnie Generale De Logistique & Others in 2017 (“Previous Suit”) in favour of AMCON in the sum of N522,464,978.66 against the defendants in the suit.

The applicant said he was not a party to the previous suit and was not served with the judgment on it.

AMCON claimed the applicant is a director in Compagnie Generale De Logistique, which took loan from Spring Bank and which judgment was principally obtained in the previous suit.

Contrary to the representations made by the Plaintiff, the applicant said he was not a Director of Compagnie Generale De Logistique at the time of the previous suit and was not in any way connected to the loan transaction with Spring Bank.

The applicant said he is, therefore, not a “debtor” within the contemplation of Section of 61 of the AMCON Act as to warrant the interim forfeiture of his assets and freezing of his bank accounts on account of the judgment obtained in the 2017 Suit.

He argued that a combined reading of Sections 49(2),50(2) and 61 of the AMCON Act would reveal that only current directors of a company fall within the definition of “debtor” as to warrant the freezing of their assets or accounts.

Mr Folawiyo told the court that AMCON failed to disclose or suppressed material facts about the status of the Applicant in Compagnie Generale De Logistique, the principal judgment debtor in the previous suit.

He added: “The exparte orders were obtained malafide against the applicant and constitute an abuse of court process.

“The applicant has a filed a Motion on Notice praying for the setting aside of the said ex- parte orders.

“The applicant’s pending set aside motion raises serious issues on why the Ex-parte orders ought not to have been granted.

“It is in the interest of justice to grant this application pending the hearing and determination of the applicant’s Motion to Set Aside the Ex-parte Orders.”

Mr Folawiyo argued that the originating summons filed by AMCON is incompetent as it had expired at the time of the grant of the ex-parte order.

He expressed concern about the impact the orders would have on his employees as well as the reputation of the three-generational family business he has worked hard to maintain and grow over the years.

Tunde Folawiyo is the son and heir to the late Nigerian Businessman and philanthropist, Wahab Iyanda Folawiyo. Alhaji Wahab whose father, Tijani was a wealthy local Merchant in the Colonial era, was known for funding, building orphanage homes and funding several local sports championships. In expanding his late father’s legacy, Mr Tunde Folawiyo attended the London School of Economics to broaden his business perspective and investment choices in addition to being a Barrister of the Court of England and Wales as well as Nigeria. In 2016, Folawiyo and his firm announced its first production of crude oil from the Aje Field, the first producing field outside of the Niger Delta area in Nigeria.

Reports say the multi-million dollar investment was aimed at reducing oil production pressure from the Niger Delta region. He is currently the Chairman of Yinka Folawiyo Group, established by his father in 1957

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We are committed to a Clean Environment – LAWMA Boss




…Appeals for waste containerisation

Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has reassured residents of firm commitment to a clean environment despite the challenge of diesel scarcity, while also appealing to them to bag and containerise their waste. The Managing Director/CEO of LAWMA, Mr. Ibrahim Odumboni, stated this on Friday while monitoring the environment, adding that efforts were being intensified, to clear any backlog of refuse, and to stop acts of indiscriminate waste disposal around the city.

He said: “We have redoubled our efforts, working round the clock to ensure that we evacuate all waste anywhere around the city. Although the scarcity and high cost of diesel has been a major challenge, as all service providers’ trucks run on diesel, nonetheless, we are doing the needful and leaving no stone unturned, to maintain a clean environment and prevent health hazard to the people”.

“Over preceding months, we have rolled out advocacy and media sensitisation campaigns, to inform and educate residents on the importance of environmental cleanliness, particularly the act of waste containerisation. We have also supported efforts of PSP operators, by providing backup services in areas that experienced service gaps, with the overall aim of eradicating black spots across the metropolis”.

He appealed to residents to properly bag and containerise their waste to allow more storage period and prevent littering.

According to him, “The resurgence of waste observed in some areas of the metropolis is borne out of the unforeseen diesel challenges the service providers are experiencing, and since tenements cannot keep waste in their houses, have resorted to bringing it to the highways, which isn’t proper.”

“While we strongly reiterate the importance of waste containers at home, we passionately appeal and canvass for public cooperation, to combat a resurgence of waste on road medians, canals and other illegal spots.”

“We are assuring Lagosians of our total commitment to rid the environment of dirt. As we work day and night to make this happen, we urge you to support our efforts because the cleanliness of the state is a collective responsibility”, he stressed.

Odumboni noted further that despite the serious logistics challenges faced by PSP operators, as a result of the increase in the price of diesel, they had continued to provide services to tenements, adding that the Authority, in order to ensure effective turnaround time of waste collection trucks, had also ensured that landfills in the state are in proper shape.

“Before now, we had carried out massive rehabilitation work across our various landfills, to improve the turnaround time of PSP trucks servicing tenements and commercial facilities in the state. This has improved condition of the sites, paving way for seamless waste collection activities”, he stated.

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Apostle Suleman at Holy Ghost Conference: Christianity is Warfare, Not Funfair




Apostle Johnson Suleman


Christ-centred preaching is biblical and practical. Preaching, according to Apostle Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, should draw people to Christ by showing the world that Christ is better than the things man often places his hope in. At the OFM’s ‘Holy Ghost Conference, which was held a few days ago, the man fondly called ‘The Restoration Apostle’ suggested in his teaching that lives indeed are changed by true transformation which comes when Jesus Christ is preached intensely into people’s hearts.

A common philosophy shared by many African cultures simply states that ‘life is warfare.’ Apostle Suleman says because Christ is life, then Christianity is warfare, not funfair. This old maxim, Suleman asserts, is well attested to by the Scriptures, that man’s existence is warfare. But how does man confront warfare? He said that, though the warfare needs some sort of weapons to be executed, the weapon needed by true Christians to combat the forces militating against their well being, is spiritual weapon.

“Christians are not into physical combat. We are involved in spiritual battles. So, our weapons are spiritual. They are divine,” he declared, adding that “it is only normal that one executes a spiritual warfare with spiritual weapons, as you are expected to confront the power of darkness with physical weapons.”

His words;

“When you become a child of God, you have been translated from one kingdom to another kingdom. And the kingdom where you’re translated from is not going to fold their hands, it will come after you‍. Christianity is not funfair, it is warfare. No good Christian is weak. The devil will come for you whether you’re ready or not. Yet, having weapons is good but knowing how to deploy them effectively is better‍( Psalm 78:9).”

While cautioning Christians to be in position to really confront the power of darkness by putting on the whole armour, Apostle Suleman said “our God is a God of war. It is warfare that unveils welfare. Your welfare is in your warfare‍️. You cannot walk into the kingdom of hell without holding dangerous weapons. That is the armour. What makes you a terror to hell is when you have the understanding of how the weapons of God operate. Satan knows when you know. Satan thrives when man is ignorant and spiritually blind,” he declared, adding that, “Christians’ weapons of warfare are not only spiritual, but are also very potent. They are very strong. They are very efficient. The potency of these weapons is seen in the fact that they can pull down strongholds; cast down arguments and everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God; it brings every evil thought into captivity. That is why Jesus Christ said to the disciples, “I am sending you out as sheep among the wolves.”

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Grace Nation: Thanksgiving is a Prophetic Application for More blessings from God – Dr Chris Okafor





* Mid year Cross over end with many testimonies

*Couple dedicated miracle baby after 16 year of waiting

Thanksgiving is a testimonies address to God that qualify you for more mind-blowing miracles, when you give thanks you challenge God to do more. This and more are the declaration of God servant and the Senior Pastor of Grace Nation International aka Liberation city Dr Chris Okafor at the Thanksgiving Service of the just concluded Mid-year Cross over Conference held at the International Headquarters of the church in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria

The Oracle of God as he is fondly called by the faithful said anytime you did not give God thanks for his glory, it seems as if you eat what belongs to him and when you do that the blessings you are entitled to will not come but when you do, your abundance blessings is guaranteed

In his sermon with subtitles The Powers of Thanksgiving, the Generational prophet of God said Thanksgiving Ginger Almighty God to put you in the Book of breakthrough, he said whatever condition you meet yourself gives thanks

More than 42 families dedicates their miracle babies across the world at the special Thanksgiving service, among them was a family who has been married for over 16 years without the fruit of the womb they dedicates their miracle baby at the services, saying it can only be the God of Dr Chris Okafor who have to bless them with a baby

The Special Thanksgiving service came to a close as famous Nigeria popular Gospel Artiste Gabriel Peters treated participants to melodious Praise and worship songs

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