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Being a speech made by Dr. Siju Iluyomade at the 14th Arise Women’s Conference on Saturday, October 29, 2022. 2 It is my utmost pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the ARISE WOMENS CONFERENCE 2022. Our theme for this year’s conference is “BY APPOINTMENT”…. #APPOINTED TO LIVE.

The Ethos of this theme is encapsulated in JEREMIAH 1:5 Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart, I appointed you as a prophet to the nations. The word APPOINTMENT is used for a large variety of ideas including an act of assigning a job or position to someone to function fully and accomplish a task. It connotes making choices, engaging, consulting, allotting, fulfilling purpose, nomination, selection, appropriation, determination and many others. Our theme elicits the need for women to harness greater cooperation amongst themselves and others. A need to lead even in the face of existential threats. By Appointment is a call to meet needs or challenges with better preparedness. There is an urgent need for women to engage in civil society, vote in election, be elected to Government office, serve on boards, make their voices heard in any process that ultimately affects them, their families and their communities. At this conference, we are called upon to Champion OPPORTUNITIES FOR WOMEN and their economic empowerment and well-being. We as women, need to shy away from situational ethic and values. Instead, we must embrace permanent, consistent values which we can pass onto our children. Women are the bridge between generations. It is time as women to embrace mainstream politics and policy making for ourselves and succeeding generations. 3 WE CAN NO LONGER AFFORD TO BE ABSENT …. WE MUST BE PRESENT. THE SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL No. 5 says Achieve Gender equality and empower all women and girls. Because action in one SDG GOAL will affect outcomes in other developmental goals, such as no poverty, healthcare delivery, environmental sustainability amongst others. We need to invest in Women’s economic development, via access to education and skills which invariably will lead to wealth creation. MORE focus should be made on the building blocks that transform countries from POVERTY TO PROSPERITY. We need to speak out when injustice is meted out to women. Such injustice includes, discrimination, domestic violence, crimes, rape, violence, harmful practices against women and girls in public and private spheres. Gender equality is a key driver of sustainable development in all its dimensions. The Supreme Court of Nigeria had to take far reaching decisions in order to protect the Fundamental Human Rights of Women. In two cases, the Nigerian Supreme Court abolished the ancient culture in Igboland that denies Women the Right to inheriting properties in their father’s house. Justice Bode Rhodes Vivour J.S.C. (as he then was) who read the Lead judgement stressed THAT NO MATTER THE CIRCUMSTANCES OF BIRTH of A FEMALE CHILD, SHE IS ENTITLED TO INHERIT FROM HER LATE FATHER’S ESTATE. Consequently, Igbo Customary Law which disentitles a female child from partaking in the sharing of her deceased father’s estate is a breach of SECTION 42(1) and (2) of the Constitution, a fundamental rights provision guaranteed to every Nigerian. According to the Court, any Culture that disinherits a daughter from her father’s estate or a wife from her husband’s property BY REASON OF 4 GOD INSTITUTED GENDER DIFFERENTIAL SHOULD BE PUNITIVELY DEALT WITH. THE SUPREME COURT DESCRIBED THE CULTURE AS DISCRIMINATORY. The Supreme Court further maintained that punishment should serve as a deterrent measure and ought to be meted out against perpetrators of the culture and custom. 1) CULTURE DOES NOT MAKE PEOPLE, PEOPLE MAKE CULTURE 2) GENDER INCLUSION IS A HUMAN FIGHT NOT A FEMALE FIGHT 3) EQUAL RIGHTS FOR WOMEN DOES NOT MEAN LESS RIGHTS FOR MEN. IT SIMPLY MEANS WE ARE ALL GAINFULLY EMPLOYED. It is therefore pertinent to note that gender equality or inclusion is a FUNDAMENTAL HUMAN RIGHT BACKED BY THE CONSTITUTION AND ALSO BY THE UNITED NATIONS CHARTER. Nations of the world are going through the greatest upheavals in Human History, according to the institute of Policy studies. According to the Global Gender Gap Report 2022 benchmarked across four key dimensions. 1) Economic Participation and Opportunity 2) Education Attainment 3) Health and survival 4) Political Empowerment The Gender equality gap is widening instead of reducing. As recently as March 2022, The World Bank Women, Business and the Law 2022 found that around 2.4 Billion Women of Working age are not afforded economic opportunities. 5 Out of 178 Countries, Nigeria comes at 139 projected as a country that still maintains Legal Barriers that prevent Women from full economic participation and access to funds. For so long, Nigerian Women advancement discourses have been neglected and contributions of women to national development have been under reported. Nigeria has a long road to gender equality with unimaginable records of death, rape, child bride, poverty and political disenfranchisement that prevent women from mainstream governance. No thanks to State and Religion as is being practiced today.

However in a) Romans 8: 29-30 For whom he foreknew, he also predestined. Women, we are PREDESTINED OR BETTER
STILL APPOINTED BY GOD, NOT BY MAN GOD HIMSELF APPOINTED US TO REIGN AND RULE. b) Judges 5:7 The Rulers ceased in Israel, they ceased until I, DEBORAH I, AROSE AS A MOTHER IN ISRAEL. Deborah, a Woman like you and I didn’t need permission to do the Right thing for her country. ARISE HAS TODAY BUILT SCHOOLS. PROMOTED PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE by being proactive not reactive through its ARISE WALK FOR LIFE, a global success, introducing exercises, sports as a tool for preventive healthcare delivery. Arise has built skills and empowerment academy thereby putting more women to work. Arise constructed boreholes Arise adopted as a village project. 6 Arise women farmer’s foundation and many other projects. AS ARISE WOMEN, WE AROSE AS MOTHERS IN NIGERIA 1 Corinthians 11:12 Nevertheless in the Lord, Woman is not independent of man nor man of woman for as woman was made from man so man is now born of woman. And all things are from God Galatians 3:22 There is neither Jew nor Greek there is neither Bond nor free, there is neither male nor female. FOR YE ARE ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS. This is to say that all things work better when there is unity. At this conference, from today, we must remove fear from our psyche. We need to make fear ineffective. That fear does not allow us to pursue our goals.

WE NEED TO STEP OUT AND STEP UP. According to the National Bureau of Statistics the National average of women’s political participation in Nigeria remains at 6.7% in elective and appointive positions; position which is far below the global average of 22.5%. Currently, only 7 out of 109 Senators and 22 out of the 350 House of Representative members are women. THIS PARTICIPATION LEVEL IS LOW. WE CANNOT INFLUENCE POLICY. Certain policies need urgent attention. We need to do something about it now. There are many forms of Gender inequality that perpetrate the cycle of poverty not only for the women but for their communities too. Advancing women’s agenda demands urgent focus. 7 Kofi Annan says: Gender equality is more than a goal in itself it is a precondition for meeting challenges: 1) Reducing poverty 2) Promoting sustainable development 3) Good governance Ban Ki-moon says: Achieving gender inclusion requires the engagement of women and men, girls and boys Its every one’s responsibility. Michelle Obama: No country can ever truly flourish if it stifles the potential of its women and deprives itself of the contribution of half its citizens. Women, enough of stifling our freedom of expression. Let’s speak up for ourselves and others. There is a dire need for: 1) Respect of the Rule of Law 2) Economic Empowerment 3) Healthcare delivery 4) Education 5) Better sustainable communities 6) Women and all persons to be treated with dignity 7) Earn and maintain leadership positions 8) Defend the rights of Women, men, children, the voiceless 9) Stop domestic violence 10) Stop kidnappings of our girls and rape. (a Chibok girl gave birth to 4 children for four (4) different men whilst in captivity). 11) Secure and safe environment for all. We must begin to engage in all aspects of public life, in particular. Everyday there are accelerating challenges, today we stand on the precipice of unprecedented opportunity to advance women’s right to life. 8 Its not time to turn back, but to advance and keep faith and rekindle our efforts for sustainable growth and freedom from prejudices.

ITS TIME TO ACT LET’S DEMOLISH DISCRIMINATION FIND THE ROAD MAP TO PROGRESS AND PROSPERITY You are here BY APPOINTMENT – Its time to reimagine a better life – Find your purpose – Leave your footprints – Be accountable – Remember thought has no gender – Action has no gender, just rewards – Seize the moment – Arise Go out and Vote Resolve to get Nigeria off the list of the worst 10 countries that have done the least to tackle gender inequality and gender inclusion. Members of the 9th session of the National Assembly (House of Representatives) voted 5 genders equality bills proffered within the review of 68 amendments to the 1999 Constitution. • A bill to provide special seats for women in the National and State Houses of Assembly – REJECTED. • A bill to expand the scope of citizenship by Registration – REJECTED. • A bill for Affirmative action for women in Political party administration and leadership – REJECTED. • A bill to provide criteria for qualification to become an indigene of a State in Nigeria – REJECTED. • A bill to reserve a quota for women in political appointments – REJECTED. 9 What are the main causes of gender inequality? One of the major causes of gender inequality is the lack of awareness among women about their rights and their ability to achieve equality. This lack of awareness is often due to the prevailing cultural and social norms, which dictate that women should not only be submissive but subservient to men. Africa is the second most unequal continent in the world, and home to seven of the most unequal countries. The richest 0.0001% own 40% of the wealth of the entire continent. Africa’s three richest billionaire men have more wealth than the bottom 50% of the population of Africa, approximately 650 million people WOMEN ARE THE BRIDGE BETWEEN GENERATIONS Problem Nigeria has the highest number of child brides in the West African sub region and the 11th highest rate of child marriages globally with an estimated 22 million child brides in the country. Policy Decision Resolve that no child must be given out in marriage, she must be in School. Problem LATEST STATISTIC FROM THE WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION (WHO) revealed that Nigeria accounts for 34% of global maternal deaths WHY??? Policy Decision Advocate for better healthcare delivery for women everywhere, maternity centres to curb needless deaths.


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Sola Fajobi: I refuse to be used and cowered, I’m voting Sanwo-Olu




It is a general saying that “Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game”, and nothing can be truer than that quote in the light of Nigeria’s situation at the moment.

The 2023 general election was meant to usher in a new era of renewed hope in a nation that is reputed to be the giant of Africa, but has successfully awaken an evil gnome of manipulation and bigotry in our youths like never before despite our alleged collective exposure.

On March 11, Lagosians will be polling to either re-elect the sitting governor or replace him with another aspirant from one of the other political parties gunning for the Alausa seat at the centre of excellence.

Lagos is a state with the highest number of voters in the South Western Nigeria. It boasts of vibrant and comparatively more educated electorates, representing a wide array of the nation’s ethnic groups. Statistics from the recently concluded presidential election shows that approximately 1/4 of the total number of registered voters were accredited to vote on February 25, 2023.

There was an upset in the usual results trend, where the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress, APC, was overtaken with a slight majority votes by the Labour Party that polled a total of 582,454 votes against APC’s 572,606. The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, the historic second -fiddle horse in Lagos elections was edged to a record low of 75,750 votes.

I may not be interested in the analysis of what went down in the election as there is an urgent task at hand; the requisite re-election of the incumbent governor of Lagos State, Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu.

For those whose sense of judgement have not been coloured by mischief makers, it is an easy affirmation that Lagos State is working by every standard. Looking around you, there is always a testament to that fact. A litmus test of the fact that Lagos State is working is the reality of a working integrated public services system: Lagos remains the ONLY state in Nigeria (roll in the FG) with a working toll-free emergency line, with chronicles of how it has saved the day in incidences of fire, security, disaster and many more across the state.

Babajide Sanwo-Olu is a new convex curve in Lagos’ trajectory to regional dominance and global relevance. From the very first day, BOS has shown what he is made of as a member of a set of first-class governors that Lagos has been blessed with since 1999. He swiftly moved in to salvage the lot of Lagosians with respect to the perilous time his administration advent into. From leading the entire nation to successfully manage the COVID-19 pandemic, to rolling out his brilliant T.H.E.E.M.E.S. agenda, Sanwoolu came ready for the job from day one!

Aside from working out the long-standing vision of previous administrations, anchored on the objective of making Lagos a mega city of the 21st century-kind, five months ago, Sanwo-olu’s government launched a 30 year development plan for Nigeria’s commercial capital, which is to be implemented between 2022 and 2052. It is imperative to note that the plan is necessary to achieve the goals of becoming Africa’s model mega city, while also positioning Lagos as a global, economic and financial hub that is safe, secure, functional and productive.

Sanwo-Olu’s personality is cut from character traits uncommon with most Nigerian politicians, and ever since his assumption of office as the governor, he has rolled up his sleeves and got down into the trenches by ensuring that the state continues to move forward positively.

I’m a serial entrepreneur, and having traveled across the nation and outside its shores, I can declare without equivocation that Lagos State, under the APC, provides the best business environment for my business concerns to flourish. You can then understand my situation when I, Adesola Fajobi, say that I refuse to be used to derail such brighter prospects for my business and that of many other hardworking Lagosians like me.

Returning Sanwo-Olu as governor should be the most important task of every single Lagosian in this coking election. I refuse to be brainwashed to go against all the years of great works put into developing Lagos to make it the 5th largest economy in Africa.

The Ehingbeti Lagos Economic Summit has provided a platform for the articulation of Lagos economic and developmental agenda and progress, which Sanwo-Olu continually showcases with incontrovertible developmental strides.

He has commenced the construction of a new airport on the Lekki axis of the state after his government obtained approval from the federal government for the construction of the new airport in Lagos, and also completed the Lagos Blue Line rail project designed to move millions of Lagosians across the state.

Other laudable projects include the completion of the Pen Cinema flyover in Agege, the Opebi-Ojota link bridge, which is nearing completion, the largest rice mill in Africa, the Lekki Deep Sea port, upgrading of four higher institutions to universities and so many more.

Why change a winning and working formula? Why allow a newbie to turn a functioning society into a leadership testing ground?

Sanwo-Olu is sellable, tested and trusted. Why would I allow myself to be used as an agent of destruction to give greedy politicians tickets to return Lagos to ground zero? Mr. Governor always provides robust responses, demonstrating a deep understanding of the economy, governance, the people’s expectations and desires. This is something I wouldn’t want to stop benefiting from.

If his administration would be evaluated only by the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no gainsaying that Sanwo-Olu performed excellently. Instead of throwing up his hands in defeat, Mr. Governor became the incident commander, and immediately went to work as he locked down the state, activated all the state apparatus – media, security, public health, emergency management, etc., thereby saving millions of Nigerians lives. He duly earned the country the fourth position in the list of the countries in the world that handled the pandemic well. This is a verifiable fact.

With his years of experience in the private sector, he quickly worked with major players to set up isolation centres, infectious diseases centres, amongst other steps. It goes without saying that if Sanwo-Olu had failed as a leader during this dark period in our life, we may not be here now talking about 2023 election at all. Today under Sanwo-Olu, the Lagos Health Insurance Scheme costs only N40,000 a year for a family to enjoy from primary to tertiary health care.

I refuse to be cowered by a mob that sees nothing good in Lagos, and are hell bent on fostering other candidates with no track records of performance. Governance is not a matter for experimentation

I’m a father, a businessman, an entrepreneur, a brother and so much more like you; living in Lagos and flourishing under the present APC-led government. Come March 11, 2023, I have chosen to cast my vote for Babajide Sanwo-Olu to continue leading and serving Lagos with great achievements.

You should do the same too. Follow person wey know road.

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CBN Governor, Godwin Emefiele Unruffled





The Story of Godwin Emefiele can be likened to the story of a child born with uncommon grace. Every time enemies have tried vehemently tried to cut short his life by firing hot shots targeted at taking his breath; he resurfaces like the proverbial cat with nine lives. Yes, he is a dogged fighter and one who so much believes in giving his all to the betterment of his fatherland. Since his appointment as the Governor of the Central Bank close to a decade ago; he has tried his best to ensure policies that will stabilize the economy by giving preference to Small and Medium Scale Enterprise, and also huge investments in agriculture which is currently fetching the government and the country billions of dollars in return on investment.


Despite all the hard work and sleepless nights, he and his team put in motion for the upliftment of the country economically and giving our Naira more power some unscrupulous elements have resorted to blackmail and campaign of calumny in undermining his office and all the work he has invested over the years.


Like the proverbial ram in a fight that moves back to bring more firepower; the Banking and Finance graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, has remained firm in proving cynics wrong but not giving into their antics of cyberbullying and all kind of tactics. Instead, he has remained a terror for those who want to plunge Nigeria into recession and financial distress by hoarding a substantial amount of cash which is supposed to be in circulation. This we gathered was his sin that has made many want his head at all costs. After several meetings with his team, he resorted to the Naira redesign which got many tongues wagging as several people in high places lashed the CBN Governor for deliberating trying to scuttle their plans.


At a point when he travelled out of the country for medical checkups, his detractors also went on different media campaigns claiming he was wanted by the state security service for some nefarious acts. After the campaign, Emefiele jetted back into the county and was given a warm welcome by his boss President Muhammadu Buhari. This further threw his enemies off balance as they are currently looking for a way to get rid of him. In spite of all these, Emiefele has remained unruffled and unbothered; discharging his duties according to the constitution. He further got many aggravated when he announced days ago that the deadline for the old currency in becoming acceptable won’t change as he urged Nigerians to deposit the old cash in their account or risk the currency becoming expired.


Sources say; The former Director at Zenith Bank is not bothered and not giving in to the pressure from all corners as he is committed to ensuring a better Naira and a better economy for Nigeria. “Emefiele is aware of those fueling the mischief around him but trust me, he has the backing of his boss which is to restore the strength of the Naira and strengthen the Economy and also turn Nigeria into a digitalized economy where we would run a cashless society which will ease pressure from currency printing and also put Nigeria on the global pact as a thriving economy that is not reliant of cash. This will open more investment for Fintech companies and other service providers.”


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The Benevolent Side of MC Oluomo Musiliu The Media Hardly Talks about




Oladapo Sofowora


For the want of a better description; the erstwhile chairman of the National Union Road Transport Workers Lagos State chapter and now Lagos State Park and Garage Management with the sobriquet MC Musiliu Oluomo Akinsanya is a misunderstood person. More reason many unprintable names have been ascribed to him on and off the media space. Those who are not familiar with him have stereotyped him owning to his background as a ‘task collector’ at the motor park before rising through the rank to attain the post of Chairman of the Lagos State Park and Garage Management. In reality, Oluomo is a super intelligent and brilliant chap who on several occasions has displayed his native intelligence in proffering solutions to issues. While many believed he is not lettered, those close to him averred that his brilliancy and vast knowledge in issues relating to his field, politics, finance and corporate governance will marvel you. He is a man with few words but he is one of the few men who have impacted his immediate environment with his God-given wealth more reason he has thousands of followers who see him as a model and also as a leader with listening ears.


Those close to the Oluomo of Oshodi disclosed that; He is a man destined for greatness. He has sowed traits of wizardry from his formative years which helped him climb the ladder of success early in life. As much as he likes to stay away from the media space, his good deeds often find a way to throw him into public consciousness. One thing Oluomo holds in high esteem is Loyalty. He believes as a man, your word should be your bond. Like the popular parlance; the prestige of a man lies in his ability to talk and stand firm with it. While many tried to cast aspersions and make disparaging comments about him he has remained unperturbed. He was given an archetypal outlook with the demeanour of an ‘Agbero’; Oluomo on the other hand does not see nor portray himself in such a manner. He is a cultured and well-grounded cosmopolitan man who is in tune with the latest fashion and style and also with his culture and tradition. His sense of organization, mobilization, leadership qualities and carriage even supersedes those who are lettered. His urbane nature is evident in the structure of the organization he currently heads. Oluomo on the other hand never despised his humble beginning as we gathered that those who were instrumental to his rise to the top, he goes back to show his gratitude.

MC Oluomo

One thing that marvels many is his humility personified nature. He is so gentle that he respects even the children around him. He is a stickler for success more reason anything he ventures into he is open to new ideas which have given him an edge over his rivals. Today, his idea gave birth to the QR code on Lagos Bus recently launched to curb kidnapping and other vices among drivers plying Lagos roads. He also ensured drivers are given good welfare packages as they often give room for the reorientation of task collectors and also bad drug and alcohol abuses by drivers in Lagos state. He also opened a complaint desk for commuters to report any incident of lawlessness by drivers and task collectors. He has also acquired buses for drivers in other to cushion the effect of the dwindling and biting economy in Nigeria.


One thing he never jokes about is philanthropy known as Zakat according to the teaching of Islam. As a devoted Muslim, he believes wealth is from God and the lives you touch with your wealth would be counted when everyone returns to meet their creator. That’s why he has been involved in philanthropy and humanitarian causes. He has over the years donated proceeds of his business to charity. It is public knowledge that anyone who cries to his house would definitely return with a smile on his or her face. Those close to him averred that he loathes the sight of anyone in distress; he is always ready to assist. Despite the beautiful thing being done by Oluomo; the media have not been fair to him. Despite the negative media, He is one of the few who loves journalists and media practitioners and he has over the years empowered those close to him. Regardless of the negative press, he has not stopped being a good person and he will continue to do his best to uplift humanity. Over the years he has been involved in paying school fees for out-of-school children running into millions of Naira. He has paid hospital bills for sick and pregnant women, he has empowered widows and also given out cars to many. He has established businesses for people and paid house rent and built houses for several people. A source disclosed that Oluomo was said to have imbibed the traits of giving from his parents that’s why he is being tagged a ‘dangerous giver’.


If there is one thing that stands him out, he knows how to keep friendships and build relationships. He believes relationship plays a pivotal role in the development of man. As a politician and a mobilizer, Oluomo is well-loved and respected within the Lagos metropolis and he is also a delight to many artists, actors and praise singers. He has been able to sustain his reign with his open hands and his support for those around him. He is a man who wants those under him to grow wings and soar high. More reason he has many people who love him to a fault and can go to any length just to prove their love and loyalty. Despite the negative media around him, he has continued to blaze the trail in politics, business, human management, and other spheres of life. As much as the media will not portray him as an angel in human form that he is, Oluomo’s name will forever be crested in Gold as one of the most benevolent people the Yoruba will call ‘Eleyinju Aanu’.



Oladapo Sofowora a Journalist and columnist at The Nation Newspaper Writes From Lagos.

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