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“Expect different film genres from me”- Akorede Alli




American trained filmmaker, Akorede Alli has said that his debut film ‘Ran Mi Lowo’ has the capacity to initiate global conversations among filmmakers. According to him, he is sure of this based on the energy and commitment put into the production. 

Born to the Akinsemoyin royal family, Akorede Alli is one of Nigeria’s new actors, directors and filmmakers with international affiliations whose production outfit is set to release its debut Yoruba Language film, Ran Mi Lowo.
Read his thoughts on this exclusive interview with him.

Please introduce yourself to us and what you do for a living

Answer: I am Akorede Alli, I’m a film director, an Actor, a Producer, An Executive Producer and a business man.

How did acting start for you?

Acting started for me when I was a boy growing up in Chevron Estate Satellite Town, where they used to hold children acting programs and I was always chosen as the one to play lead.

How challenging has it been sustaining your interest in acting abroad?

It’s never a challenge because I love what I do, I learn a lot and get to meet new people on every set that I have been blessed to work on

Akorede Alli Setting Camera Angle at a Movie location

Where did you grow up and Which schools did you attend?

I was born and raised in Lagos State Nigeria
I grew up in Chevron Estate Satellite Town.
I attended Kings High School Satellite Town
Pefti Film Institute Nigeria The School of Visual Art in New York City.

 Do you have plans for a cinema project any time soon?

Absolutely. I have a couple of scripts I’m reading and am excited about them and when I feel that way about a script, that’s a good sign.


 Nollywood has become the second-largest film industry in the world in terms of the number of movies produced. Do you think our industry can someday compete in terms of the quality of films produced?


Nollywood has already started making quality films, to be the largest film industry in the world.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, the people making those films you’re talking about worked their way up there, so for me, nothing is impossible.


 Most film industries of the world have built infrastructure to an enviable level, yet Nigeria cannot even boast of a film village. Whose responsibility do you think this is, the government, the practitioners or independent investors?

That’s a good question. I think it’s everyone’s responsibility because at some point those bodies you mentioned benefit from the industry. If the notion of
“I am the only one doing great things” can be replaced with “Let’s come together to do great things” in people’s minds then those infrastructures can come to play.

Akorede Alli directing a movie

 Nollywood thrives on drama and many times we don’t explore too many diverse genres, can we expect some of these previously ignored genres from you, like fantasy, adventure, action…?

My new movie is a Thriller. So it’s safe to say. You can expect different genres from Akorede Alli.



 Movies like Black Widow, No Time To Die suffered COVID-19 related delays and many other films like it took more than a year or two to make, yet we see some Nigerian movies shot, edited and released in the space of weeks. As a producer who has trained outside the shores of Nigeria and now operates in Nigeria, how long do you think it should take for a good movie to be produced?

There are stages to producing a quality film and all stages are very important and have their own time frame. Respect the craft. I’ve found that producers and investors often focus on profit over product and lose both in the process. A few years back, I walked away from investors because of their insistence on a quick turnaround and I patiently waited until I was able to executive produce my own film and could take the time necessary to produce a quality film

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Music Promoter, Sam Larry Left in the Cold




Enmeshed in lots of controversy lately over the death of singer Mohbad, popular Lagos socialite and show promoter, Erinfolami Eletu known by the sobriquet Sam Larry ‘King of Settlement’ has indeed bitten more than he can chew.


Today, he is running from pillar to post as many said he has fled Nigeria to a neighbouring African country in search of protection. Sam Larry shot into stardom when he started off at Elegushi Beach as a tax collector for beachgoers, fun lovers and club patrons that’s where he cut his teeth in the music promotion business and also had close contact with many artists. He wields lots of power as he is known to be highly wired among the police force using them to his advantage. He further went global when Popular music Star, Naira Marley mentioned his name in one of his hit tracks. Since then, he has been basking on the publicity living a larger-than-life status rolling with the big boys.

He is known for resolving issues also meddling in issues that are of no concern to him. Currently, he seems to have stirred the hornet nest as the socialite was allegedly fingered as the leading cause to the demise of 27-year-old Artiste when several videos surfaced where he was said to have been intimidating the deceased. While denying the claim with a video, stating that he has love for the deceased, many are not convinced owning to the fact that; the videos circulating with daming facts say otherwise. While many have disassociated themselves from him, he seems to have been left in the cold as those in the corridors of power who he was banking on have left him to his fate as many have called the police to arrest, question and investigate him for the role he played in the alleged assault which might have led to the death of Mohbad. The once-celebrated socialite has disabled his social media handles to avert backlash from the masses. Sources say; many are excited that he has met his waterloo with his current predicament as he had been warned in the past to stay off issues that will slide him into trouble but he turned deaf ears. 

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Alexes Promotion Boss, Omobolanle Olatise’s Uncommon Feat





If success, hard work, dedication and selflessness needed an apt definition; Mrs Omobolanle Olatise known by the sobriquet Alexes Promotion fits into such description. All her life, she attained greatness not with fluke but with a sheer dint of hard work backed with grace from her creator. Rather than allow life’s absurd and frivolous things to get into her head, she has remained calm, intelligent and humble personified. The United Kingdom-based businesswoman has often faced criticism from naysayers who are hell-bent on undermining her efforts and talking her down. In spite of the disparaging comments and aspersions cast by her enemies, she has remained unperturbed, dedicating her life to hard work as a good ambassador of Nigeria and continuing to fly the Nigerian flag with pride on her shoulders.

Years ago when the University of Lagos graduate of Estate management relocated to the United Kingdom in search of new opportunities; many had thought she would be swept off the tides. But all her life she is a very dogged woman who believes in her ability to turn every situation into a favourable one. The Healthcare enthusiast ventured into the murky waters of entrepreneurship and was able to establish and carve a niche for herself in and outside Nigeria with businesses which include; Nursery Schools, Care Homes Property companies and Alexes promotions in the United Kingdom.

She also owns businesses in Nigeria which include; Happygems Group of Companies a conglomerate that runs Schools, Farms, Construction, Real estate and Oil and gas.

Apart from that she is a well-known philanthropist who has dedicated her life to cheerful giving, she is a woman who can’t stand the sight of his fellow human in distress; she is ready to proffer solutions by putting smiles on their face. For her love for entertainment; she has held the UK entertainment scene down for years with her Alexis promotion brand promoting several Nigerian artists in the UK. Recently, she made history as the first show promoter to bring Fuji maestro; King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall to perform at the prestigious 20,000 seating capacity 02 Arena in London. On the 1st of October, she would be celebrating Nigeria’s Independence Day with a party at the City Pavilion Millennium Suit in London that will feature King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall and a host of other artists.

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Afro-fusion Sensation Areezy Unleashed Unprecedented Sounds That Defy Expectations with Iz notting




Afro-fusion sensation Areezy releases his highly anticipated single “Iz Notting,” a captivating afro-fusion masterpiece that combines pulsating beats, infectious melodies, and playful lyrics. The song takes listeners on a journey through opulence, showcasing the artist’s desire to shower his love interest with luxury and embrace the joy of generosity. With its fusion of traditional African percussion, melodic synths, and infectious Afro rhythms, “Iz Notting” creates an irresistible soundscape that is bound to get people moving on dancefloors worldwide. 

The song “Iz Notting” paints a vivid picture of opulent gestures, celebrating abundance and decadence while expressing admiration for loved ones. Areezy’s distinct vocal style and captivating delivery add authenticity and charm to this extravagant anthem. The song’s infectious hooks and catchy chorus invite listeners to revel in the spirit of lavish affection.

Areezy’s latest single, “Iz Notting” showcases the artist’s versatility and distinctive artistry, solidifying his position as a rising star in the global afro-fusion scene. With its universal appeal and irresistible energy, the song is poised to become an anthem for those who believe in embracing opulence while cherishing their loved ones. “Iz Notting” is available on all major music platforms, offering listeners the chance to immerse themselves in a world of extravagant love, generosity, and irresistible beats produced by Jadu.

Link to DSPs :

For Press Inquiries, please contact:


[email protected]


Follow @iam_areezy on all social media

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