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“Expect different film genres from me”- Akorede Alli




American trained filmmaker, Akorede Alli has said that his debut film ‘Ran Mi Lowo’ has the capacity to initiate global conversations among filmmakers. According to him, he is sure of this based on the energy and commitment put into the production. 

Born to the Akinsemoyin royal family, Akorede Alli is one of Nigeria’s new actors, directors and filmmakers with international affiliations whose production outfit is set to release its debut Yoruba Language film, Ran Mi Lowo.
Read his thoughts on this exclusive interview with him.

Please introduce yourself to us and what you do for a living

Answer: I am Akorede Alli, I’m a film director, an Actor, a Producer, An Executive Producer and a business man.

How did acting start for you?

Acting started for me when I was a boy growing up in Chevron Estate Satellite Town, where they used to hold children acting programs and I was always chosen as the one to play lead.

How challenging has it been sustaining your interest in acting abroad?

It’s never a challenge because I love what I do, I learn a lot and get to meet new people on every set that I have been blessed to work on

Akorede Alli Setting Camera Angle at a Movie location

Where did you grow up and Which schools did you attend?

I was born and raised in Lagos State Nigeria
I grew up in Chevron Estate Satellite Town.
I attended Kings High School Satellite Town
Pefti Film Institute Nigeria The School of Visual Art in New York City.

 Do you have plans for a cinema project any time soon?

Absolutely. I have a couple of scripts I’m reading and am excited about them and when I feel that way about a script, that’s a good sign.


 Nollywood has become the second-largest film industry in the world in terms of the number of movies produced. Do you think our industry can someday compete in terms of the quality of films produced?


Nollywood has already started making quality films, to be the largest film industry in the world.
Rome wasn’t built in a day, the people making those films you’re talking about worked their way up there, so for me, nothing is impossible.


 Most film industries of the world have built infrastructure to an enviable level, yet Nigeria cannot even boast of a film village. Whose responsibility do you think this is, the government, the practitioners or independent investors?

That’s a good question. I think it’s everyone’s responsibility because at some point those bodies you mentioned benefit from the industry. If the notion of
“I am the only one doing great things” can be replaced with “Let’s come together to do great things” in people’s minds then those infrastructures can come to play.

Akorede Alli directing a movie

 Nollywood thrives on drama and many times we don’t explore too many diverse genres, can we expect some of these previously ignored genres from you, like fantasy, adventure, action…?

My new movie is a Thriller. So it’s safe to say. You can expect different genres from Akorede Alli.



 Movies like Black Widow, No Time To Die suffered COVID-19 related delays and many other films like it took more than a year or two to make, yet we see some Nigerian movies shot, edited and released in the space of weeks. As a producer who has trained outside the shores of Nigeria and now operates in Nigeria, how long do you think it should take for a good movie to be produced?

There are stages to producing a quality film and all stages are very important and have their own time frame. Respect the craft. I’ve found that producers and investors often focus on profit over product and lose both in the process. A few years back, I walked away from investors because of their insistence on a quick turnaround and I patiently waited until I was able to executive produce my own film and could take the time necessary to produce a quality film

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Sokoyokoto the legendary celebrity cooking show is back bigger and better




Remember  Sokoyokoto that programme which was the forerunner of television cooking shows in Nigeria?
Yeah, the legendary celebrity cooking show is back bigger and better!
Sokoyoto new series powered by two FMCG giants FLOUR MILLS NIGERIA PLC and SEVEN UP BOTTLING COMPANY PLC is back with more exciting segments that would make you glue to your television from the beginning to the end.

While the programme was rested a few years ago the producers have been working assiduously behind the scene to relaunch it with a more thrilling, stimulating and exhilarating show that would bring it  back to its foremost  position and they have really done that.

The programme features a unique two-segment split- the cooking segment sponsored by FMN PLC features super products like Golden Penny Prime Flour, Semovita, pasta, macaroni, Noodles and Aunty B Semolina.
The second part is the party sponsored by Seven-up bottling company PLC bottlers of Pepsi, Seven-up, Aquafina water, Mirinda, Lipton iced tea amongst others.
As is the tradition on Sokoyokoto, a rich array of stars from Nollywood, music and other spheres of Nigerian society have been invited to display culinary skills as well as party swag before a live audience of over a hundred guests.

Also, exciting games, dances and talent contests will attract winning prizes of N20,000 per contest. Lots of products to sample and the rich Yoruba culture on display.
Sokoyokoto will air on Saturdays/ Sundays on ORISUN on Star Times, TVC, LTV 8, OGTV Abeokuta, BCOS TV Ibadan, Osun TV, Ondo TV and Ekiti TV

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Hot new rave, DrayeSong paints the town red in a new photoshoot as he sets to release a much-anticipated song and visuals titled; “Mariah.” 

The Afro-fusion singer, songwriter and music producer christened Francis Akindele Blessing first got attention with his covers of hit songs on audiomack. When he eventually dropped his hit song; “Million” it enjoyed massive plays on radio and streaming platforms and still does.

DrayeSong blends Afro-fusion, Neo-RnB and Trap creating a unique sound that crosses boundaries and cultures.

DrayeSong posed for the sought-after photographer, Bolurin Onafeso donning a leathery red jacket and pants over a black Tee and Halloween patterned red and black boots styled by Stefans Wardrobe. 

You can link up with DrayeSong on all social media platforms;

Youtube: Draye Song
Twitter: @drayesong
Facebook : drayesong

Instagram: @drayesong

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Lanre Teriba Sets for American Tour …To perform at ICCS Summit






For his unfailing talent and consistency, handsome gospel artist, Lanre Teriba who is better known Atorise, ranks among the high profile and long-standing gospel singers around. Aside release of albums, ceaseless weekly engagements, one other factor that has made the popular singer remained relevant, is knowing how to keep up with his fans around the world and that explains why he embarks on foreign tour annually.


Meanwhile, as the new year progresses, the Ogun state versatile singer is already in a mood to embark on a tour of the United State of America. The tour that will be kicking off May is tagged, Breakthrough. The tour is designed to make him perform across 21 cities in the United States of America.

The tour kicks off in May as Teriba headlines events in Houston, Texas to celebrate Memorial Day weekend. The award winning musician will continue to spread gospel of his music at the Summer 2022 African Pop-Up Festival in New York taking place from the 25th – 26th of June.

The Summer 2022 African Pop-Up Festival is one of several annual festivals including the African Restaurant Week “Food & Music” Festival produced by Akin Akinsanya in celebration of African music, food and culture across America.

Various promoters in America have also booked him to perform at concerts in Indianapolis, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, Philadelphia and many more cities.

Speaking on the tour, Teriba said he’s excited about the tour as he revealed he eagerly looks forward to commence the tour as he can’t wait to see his teeming fans in America.

“I must confess I am so happy about this particular tour. Of course, it is not my first time of doing my thing in the States but I am particularly happy the world is healing and opening up after the pandemic that practically brought the world to a halt. My heart genuinely goes out to lives that were lost during that period, but at the end, we still have to give glory to God for everything. That is why I look forward to seeing my fans throughout America like never before”. Lanre said.

“ I can also promise this tour is going to be a totally new experience”. He concluded.

It is anticipated that this tour will be record breaking amongst Nigerian musicians as Teriba will be among other international Gospel artists to perform at the International Cultural & Music Convention – ICMC night at the ICCS SUMMIT in Washington DC from the 26th of August – 28th of August hosted by All Christian Network.

On another note, amiable Teriba who has made several appearances as an actor in a number of movies, is currently up to a new thing. Although, details of the whole thing are still being jealously guided but it was learnt Lanre just wrapped up from a movie location where he was for some time. It was also learnt his role in the movie would definitely redefine him as an actor when the effort is finally released.


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