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Fashion Connoisseur, Toyin Lawani’s Takes Fashion Beyond Shores 



Misunderstood is the best word that aptly describes fashion connoisseur and stylist, Toyin Lawani the head honcho of Tiannah Empire. Apart from many controversies hovering around her, she has a very endearing and affable personality for those that have had the opportunity to meet with her. Some say she is a creative weirdo but to her, doing things differently and getting a super satisfying result is what stands her out from the crowd. The multi-talented mother of two loves to live her life to the fullest not minding side talks or sheer criticism from naysayers. She believes life comes with freedom of expression and exploring many things. For her, fashion is the only way her innate ability can be projected. This has helped her stay afloat in the fashion business with impeccable and jaw-dropping designs with local and international clienteles to her credit.

While growing up, her formative years helped shape her to become a successful businesswoman and brand influencer. She is a workaholic and generous to a fault. Those close to her averred that one thing she loathes is the sight of anyone in distress; she is always ready to help without blinking an eye. With her fashion imprint, she has redefined the fashion business with lofty designs that is mind-blowing. One of her works that got many marveled at her creative prowess was an attire she created for actress Iyabo Ojo on her mother’s one-year remembrance soiree.

The well-knitted alluring tomatoes red beaded free-flowing gown created a conversation on social media. Many commended Toyin’s muse for bringing to life the unique design using African beads and patterns. It’s an infusion of African fashion with Western pop culture which makes it stand out. In the fashion business today in Nigeria, the light-skinned stylist is regarded a Queen. She has also gotten global recognition for placing African fashion on the world map by globalizing the local.

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Lagos Shut Down as Turaki Abiodun Moshood Host Superlative 45th Birthday Soiree 






For real estate mogul and consummate businessman, Chief Abiodun Moshood with the moniker Turaki Dangote, experiencing the proverbial 7th heaven typical of the woman who just got delivered of a baby; sauntering into age 45 is indeed a big deal for him. More reason he showered song of praises to his creator for the gift of life at a time most of his peers had been snatched by the dreaded grim reaper embarking on a sojourn of no return. For him to remain bubbling in good health and wealth, it’s a clear indication that He is indeed loved by his creator and there is nothing else he could offer to his creator other than the offering of thanksgiving. More reason He and his pretty wife Aisha shut the city of Lagos down in celebration mood converging all sundry within the Lagos metropolis to celebrate with them at a high octane celebration with the presence of Fuji Maestro; King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal on the bandstand to serenade his guests. In all, he never failed to acknowledge the pivotal role his wife a popular fabric merchant downtown Lagos played on his way to the top.

Turaki Abiodun Moshood and Wife Aisha

For his 45th birthday, the SHARFEX OIL AND GAS boss had a dual celebration. Last December, He hosted close friends and family members at his palatial Omole Mansion to a compound soiree with Sir Shina Peters on the bandstand to serenade invited guests. On the 15th of January, The Turaki Garden Estate head honcho left no stone unrolled as He also hosted a talk-of-the-town birthday shindig at the popular Grandeur Event center in Lagos. King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall was also in top form as he never failed to display his prowess on the bandstand serenading guests with a musical rendition from his old and latest records.

It was indeed a mega birthday soiree with an array of sumptuous local and continental meals and high-cost drinks in circulation. It was a parade of allure laced with grand opulence. Over 40 vendors were present to make sure all invited guests were treated to royalty. The Olowolagba of Egbaland alongside his beautiful wife showed class as they both changed to different outfits. The celebrant never failed to show his dancing dexterity, hosting an afterparty that those who attended will never forget in a hurry. Close sources averred that; Turaki has over the years distinct himself as a man in a league of his own blessed with a quiet and respectful persona. “One thing he loathes dearly is the sight of those close to him in distress, he always renders assistance to the best of his ability. His philanthropic and dangerous giving nature made his party a talk of the town with top guests in attendance”.

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This Year, Fish will Consumed Fish, Rivers Will Swallow Rivers -Prophet Odedoyin Olawumi Ezekiel Revealed




Prophet Odedoyin Olawumi Ezekiel, the general overseer of Christ For All Souls Ministry was amongst the first set of clerics to release new year prophecies for Nigeria and the world on Saturday 1st of January, 2022.

The cleric, in separate announcements, made the prophecies for Nigeria known during the church annual celebration that took place in Osogbo.

Prophet Odedoyin’s prophecies were grouped into five categories: Nigeria, world, Africa, personal and the Christians.

He revealed that he foresees that the world will experience turbulence and God’s Vengeance will be upon the leaders of the world.

In his words, he said “God says, I should tell the world that he never breaks promises, and this year, he has raised some people from around the world to uphold his judgment because this year will be a year of vengeance for those who have trampled on innocent people’s rights. He promised to avenge from the leaders to the followers”

“God revealed to me that there will be bloodshed, Kidnapping and killing of many people this year. There will be many laws contrary to God’s will to work against my people and there will be starvation. Many nations’ economies will go into recession. Helps that did not come from God will surface and Satan will bring out a plate for people to eat and drink from.”

“And for them to know that he remains God many diseases will spring up and some of the ones that are on ground already will continue to kill people. God also said he will render some people in authority powerless and many of them will be disgraceful while this year will be full of turbulence in the world. And for those that belong to God in the world,  that he has washed in his blood, he promised to send them from one nation to another to preach the gospel. Many warriors and powerful ones will fall this year, only those that do God’s will, will not fall this year.”

“God said he will bring among those that are antagonists of his gospel to preach his Gospel. The World will be deceived through the treasure of the world. And many strange powers will come from the devil, warriors of this generation be prepared. God said he will elevate, uphold and allow Satan to enter into some churches that you called church of God but they are not.”

When he was asked about the African continent, he said “God said he will pass through the land of Africa and he will divulge many secrets. He will kill on one side and elevate on the other side. those that pretend they are serving God but they are not will be exposed”

“Many nations will kick against their leaders in Africa. There will be a true change in Africa and things will be going accordingly. Some people will live in regret and any council that tries to rise without my knowledge will be put to shame and disgraced.”

On what God is saying about Nigeria, the man of God said, the country should pray as God said he will continue to shake the country, starting from the government, the political stalwart and those that are working against his will.

In his words, prophet Odedoyin said ” God said he will continue to shake this country. He will start from the government house. His sword will move from there to the National Assembly. He said he will uphold his law and he will punish those that go against it as political leaders will drink each others blood”

“He said any government that refuses to acknowledge him, even if they work they will have nothing to show for it. The government of this nation doesn’t know God and they are not following God’s Will and if they continue that way God said he will punish them but if they repent he will accept them and deliver them.”

“He also said, many of them that put themselves in a leading position will be demoted and some of them will be kidnapped while many of them will be cut short”

On security, the prophet said “This year security will be worse than before even the ones in authority will not be safe and many will be locked up illegally.”

“God said if they run to me I will turn things around for good because among the politicians he has seen some children of light and he will bring them out.”

“We should pray because this year fish will eat fish, rivers will swallow rivers, politicians will deal with one another deceitfully.”

And as for the christians, “God said, I should tell those that belong to him, that he remains their God. And he assured them of his protection and he opened many sources for them this year.”
“He said I should tell his people that there will be signs and wonders this year and he will empower them. There will be joy in their premises, and this year shall be a year of harvest for those who work with him”

“He also said, he is the vine with many fruits and he will bring forth sweetness from one side and bitterness on the other side for people who refuse to do his will. Some will be cast away and only those that cling unto me will receive many  from me.” He concluded.

Meanwhile, according to the Prophet Odedoyin, God gave his watchword saying “This  is the watchword that will be your weapon for this year, it is a year that you will work for God and God will prosper your way, said the Lord. And the watchword is taken from the holy book of Isaiah 60:1 which says, “Arise, shine, for you light has come and  the glory of God is risen upon you”

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Getting rewarded for spending money is a dream that is probably going to remain exciting for many people, but not for the Firstmonie Wallet users. In a two-month Transact and Win campaign that started on November 22, 2021, First Bank of Nigeria Limited is rewarding several customers for carrying out transactions on its Firstmonie Wallet application. 

The e-wallet is useful for conveniently paying utility bills, purchasing airtime and data, transferring and receiving money, and many other digital transactions. Just for using the mobile-friendly wallet app, Customers got rewarded with mouth-watering prizes both in cash and kind. The number of transactions done on the app determines the price a user could win.

100 customers who had done 1-15 transactions through Firstmonie Wallet within the month won N10,000 cash price; 53 25kg bags of rice and 50 units of standing fans were also won by customers who carried out 16 – 30 transactions with the Firstmonie Wallet; 2 units of power generating sets, 1 unit of Air Conditioning systems and 1 unit LED Televisions went to customers who carried 31 – 50 transactions; while 2 units of iPhone 12 were won by customers who had carried out over 50 transactions on the app within the month.

Victor Nnanna Onyedikachi, a student of the University of Abuja was one of the winners of the iPhone 12, and while receiving his gift, he admitted that he did not expect to win the prize.  “I used the Firstmonie Wallet App, and just like that, I was told that I had qualified. I did not believe it until I saw it myself. I am truly grateful to FirstBank” he said.

Other winners also expressed their pleasure at being rewarded for using a completely user-friendly app. “There is no issue of service error when using it for any transaction. The service is seamless and the app is easy to use” one of them said.

The Group Executive, e-Business & Retail products, Mr Chuma Ezirim had noted that the promo was targeted at appreciating customers for their patronage; and in line with the Bank’s December-is-a-Vybe campaign. “This promo is hinged on the need to appreciate our customers for their patronage, especially as we have had an increased engagement and usages of the various services offered by our mobile-friendly wallet product,” Ezirim said when the promo was being launched.

Interestingly, the promo also includes new customers and users of the app. By simply downloading the mobile app from the play store, or using the *894# USSD string to sign up, anyone can qualify for the promo. The promo runs till January 22, 2022, so what are you waiting for as you could be the next winner of any of these fantastic prizes.

As the premier Bank in West Africa and the leading financial inclusion services provider in Nigeria for over 127 years, First Bank of Nigeria Limited has remained at the forefront of promoting digital payment in the country, and the Firstmonie Wallet is one of the channels for digital transactions.

Little wonder FirstBank was named “Most Valuable Bank Brand in Nigeria” six times in a row (2011 – 2016) by the globally renowned “The Banker Magazine” and “Best Retail Bank in Nigeria” for seven consecutive years (2011 – 2017) by the Asian Banker International.  FirstBank also bagged the Excellence in Retail Financial Services Awards and “Best Bank in Nigeria” by Global Finance for 15 years.

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