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Global New Herbal Life Boss, Funmi Ogidan, Takes Herbal Medicine to New Height




Chairperson Global New Herbal Life, Funmi Lawrence -Ogidan  may not be a regular name everyone readily identifies when discussion is about indigenous medicine. However, that is not to say she is not present. She simply detests joining bandwagon of empty barrel that makes the loudest noise, rather, she holds a strong belief in letting her work speak for her.


As earlier stated, Ogidan may not attract every Tom, Dick and Harry, as alternative medicine dispenser because of the standard she has set, but certainly, she’s adored and appreciated by those who place premium value of professionalism and expertise, which of course are the core watchwords of Global New Herbal Life.

Funmi Lawrence Ogidan

Light skinned and beautiful boss of Global New Herbal Life, Ogidan, didn’t dabble into herbal medicine out of non-availability of what to do, factually, she was doing excellently well in her business as a travel agent. According to articulate and eloquent Funmi, her encounter with infertility made her path crossed indigenous medicine.


“It was a personal experience that took me into it. I had fertility challenges and I did every single thing every woman would do. I did IVF, went into hospitals but realized at the end of the day,i wasn’t able to get anything out it”. Funmi said.


It was at this point she decided to look elsewhere for possible solution and she decided to give herbal medicine a try. Funmi commenced research, the exercise led her to being able to make some herbal medicine which she started drinking, and finally, her exploit paid off as she hit the target. Today, she’s a proud mother of two. Her discovery brought about a strong belief that she could actually do more than just the fertility solution to help humanity. However, she wouldn’t depend on how she did research to get infertility solution, rather, she took steps to broaden her knowledge by going the right way to seeking professional training.

Chairperson Global New Herbal Life, Funmi Lawrence -Ogidan
“I did a couple of trainings in herbal science and drug technology in Cyrillic Herbal School. I also did Advance Diploma in Herbal Medicine in University of Lagos . I also did Homeopathy and Herbal Production with the African/American University, among other trainings and workshops. I also had trainings with the local fathers, the Babas, being the custodians of the herbal heritage. I trained with about four of them, even with Iyaloja. I was able to sit with them to learn identification of herbs and things like that. I basically didn’t limit myself to the classroom, I went to the field for the practicals.” Funmi explained.


With about two decades in herbal medicine, many who have been lucky to come in contact with Global New Herbal Life, sure have lots of beautiful stories to tell regarding their health. Interestingly, the outfit has continued to wax stronger as the leadership has not ceased to update its skills and knowledge. With the state-of –the-art equipment to diagnose and carry out production in the most hygienic form, the herbal medicine company is efficient in taking care of different types of conditions.


Global New Herbal Life boasts of a farm where they source their material, as well as befitting factory. In compliance with the necessary regulations, all of its products are NAFDAC certified. Also, its operations have certifications from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NDLEA and the Customs. Further more, Global New Herbal Life, is the first company around to get the ECOWAS Trade Liberation Scheme, which means its products can be anywhere in West Africa without having to pay any duty no.

With the involvement of this highly educated woman i.e sticking to professional conducts, herbal medicine could be said to have been redefined in a such a way that she bought the confidence of many, like the elites, high profile personalities, who hitherto were scared of subscribing to herbal medicine for obvious reasons but now have a safe platform, Global New Herbal Life, to rest on..

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Former Emir of Kano, Sanisi Lamido Sanusi’s Quest for more knowledge




Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

Royalty is indeed sweet, the respect, allure and grand opulence that comes with it soothes the heart but royalty is innate. Former Governor of Kano State Dr. Abdulahai Ganduje might have relieved him of his Emir position but the blue blood in his veins still flows with much ado. Former Emir Sanusi Lamido Sanusi still commands much respect among all sundry. The reason he is being accorded that much respect even when he ceases to be the emir of ancient Kano Emirate still raises concern as his influence keeps looming large like wildfire. To some, his dethronement is politically motivated while some are indifferent but in all, he was a crusader for good governance and also spoke against the ills militating against the attainment of a just society.

When he was dethroned in March 2020, it didn’t come as a shock to many as he has been facing a battle with the governor of the state. The story went around the nooks and crannies of the state and beyond as he was asked to leave the state to allow the enthronement of a new emir. The former Governor of Central Bank was unperturbed and unruffled that he calmed his supporters as he told them to desist from any form of violence and shun destruction as he pleaded with them to accept it as a wish from the almighty. He left immediately and relocated to Nasarawa state.

Years after his dethronement saga, his popularity has transcended the shores of Nigeria more and Nigerians accorded him more respect like the Emir. Any functions he graces, his entrance is always grand with a display of royal opulence. He still proves the popular axiom; ‘Kings were born not made’ right. The royalty in him keeps oozing out at every point. His royal entourage and presence can hardly go unnoticed. Since his removal, he has always had a very good outing. Apart from being involved in the political stability of Nigeria and Africa; there is one thing he loves so much; he is a man who loves education and has openly advocated for it. He is of the opinion that education is the bedrock of development in any country that’s why he has openly criticised the government on the need to educate children in Northern Nigeria. Apart from that he made his family a perfect example with the mandate that all of them must get a university degree and also must pass in flying colours. Almost all of his children have graduated with a minimum of master’s degree in their various fields. In order to challenge his children on the need that education is a continuous process; he has also enrolled for a PhD in Economics at a University in the United Kingdom. Sources say he is using his part-time to invest in education earning a doctorate and by chance completing teaching as a part-time lecturer at the university. He has always been a teacher so bagging a PhD is a motivation for his children and it will also see him share his repertoire of knowledge in his chosen field.

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Music Promoter, Sam Larry Left in the Cold




Enmeshed in lots of controversy lately over the death of singer Mohbad, popular Lagos socialite and show promoter, Erinfolami Eletu known by the sobriquet Sam Larry ‘King of Settlement’ has indeed bitten more than he can chew.


Today, he is running from pillar to post as many said he has fled Nigeria to a neighbouring African country in search of protection. Sam Larry shot into stardom when he started off at Elegushi Beach as a tax collector for beachgoers, fun lovers and club patrons that’s where he cut his teeth in the music promotion business and also had close contact with many artists. He wields lots of power as he is known to be highly wired among the police force using them to his advantage. He further went global when Popular music Star, Naira Marley mentioned his name in one of his hit tracks. Since then, he has been basking on the publicity living a larger-than-life status rolling with the big boys.

He is known for resolving issues also meddling in issues that are of no concern to him. Currently, he seems to have stirred the hornet nest as the socialite was allegedly fingered as the leading cause to the demise of 27-year-old Artiste when several videos surfaced where he was said to have been intimidating the deceased. While denying the claim with a video, stating that he has love for the deceased, many are not convinced owning to the fact that; the videos circulating with daming facts say otherwise. While many have disassociated themselves from him, he seems to have been left in the cold as those in the corridors of power who he was banking on have left him to his fate as many have called the police to arrest, question and investigate him for the role he played in the alleged assault which might have led to the death of Mohbad. The once-celebrated socialite has disabled his social media handles to avert backlash from the masses. Sources say; many are excited that he has met his waterloo with his current predicament as he had been warned in the past to stay off issues that will slide him into trouble but he turned deaf ears. 

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Stamp Duty Is Revenue Stamp, Not Postage Stamp, LIRS Chief Clarifies




The Special Adviser to the Executive Chairman of the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, LIRS, Mr Tokunbo Akande has clarified the misunderstanding about stamp duty as he maintained that it is a revenue stamp and not a postage stamp.

Akande made this known while featuring as a guest on The Tax Talk programme on Channels Television recently.

He said contrary to public opinion, stamp is not just for courier services as it is meant to certify the underlying transaction between two entities, whether they are corporate entities or individuals, thus, the framework for stamp duty is to verify the documents for underlying transactions and ensure that they are admissible in court in case any disputes arise.

Akande noted; “It’s interesting to note that stamp duty, a tax law that dates back to 1939, is still in effect today. Although it was reenacted in 2004 and has been updated over time through the Finance Act, the basic premise remains the same.

“Stamp duty places the responsibility on those involved in certain transactions to provide documentation that explains the details of the transaction. For example, if someone purchases an item from another person, a receipt is given to show the transaction. This receipt must be stamped to be considered admissible evidence in court in case any disputes arise. In the past, the postal stamp was used to denote the stamp duty.”

Akande, who noted that Stamp duty has contributed significantly to revenue generation in Lagos State, as the state has generated over N5 million from stamp duty over the past few years, said the agency believes there is still room for improvement.

While stating that the agency is considering the introduction of revenue stamps for wholesalers and distributors for receipts over N10,000 in the state, he noted; “This approach was previously utilized in the 1970s, and we are eager to revitalize it. We are fully committed to engagement and process improvement.

He said the agency has taken the step of digitizing its stamp duty operation by transitioning from manual to electronic processes.

According to Akande, “The Joint Tax Board (JTB), which oversees all Internal Revenue Services (IRSs), the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), customs, immigration, and other related bodies, has been at the forefront of promoting awareness about stamp duty in general.

“LIRS (Lagos State Internal Revenue Service) has also made significant efforts in this area by holding town hall meetings, issuing public notices and guidance notes, and engaging with professional bodies. However, despite these efforts, the message has not been fully received. It is important to note that the law requires that all transactions between two entities must be stamped, and even items such as cheques have a small stamp on them. This is because they may be admissible in court. Therefore, it is your responsibility to ensure that any documents related to transactions above a certain level of expenses are properly stamped, as failure to do so renders them as ordinary paper.

He said LIRS has expanded its presence across various states, with offices conveniently located to better serve taxpayers as its officials are proud to offer assistance with legal proceedings and have desks located in all the courts of Lagos.

“Our team of experts ensures that all necessary documents are properly stamped and verified by the commissioner for stamp duty. We take record-keeping seriously, as it helps to ensure the authenticity of all documents that pass through our hands. Proper stamping of documents is essential, whether you’re borrowing money from a bank or renting a property. Failure to do so could render them inadmissible in court. We are here to help certify your documents and ensure they have the necessary stamps to make them legally binding,” Akande submitted.

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