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IBEDC, USAID collaborate on empowering women in power sector




The Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEDC) is collaborating with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to promote gender equality and empower women in the power sector. The News Agency of Nigeria reports that this was the focus of ” IBEDC 2022 DISCO for Women Conference” held in Ibadan on Thursday.
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The conference had the theme, “Breaking the Glass Ceiling”. Speaking at the event,Mr Kingsley Achife, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, IBEDC, said that the power industry had long been seen as the domain of the male gender.

He said this was the reason for the terminologies used in the industry such as linesmen, draftsmen, among others. Achife, who was represented by Mr Iranola Ayodeji, Chief Business Transformation and Strategy Officer, IBEDC, said the company had changed the narrative by being the first Disco to adopt more gender-friendly nomenclatures such as lines worker.

He expressed the hope that other Discos will follow suit. “It is in view of this that IBEDC partnered with the USAID to push the engendering agenda across the power sector in Nigeria and beyond.

“IBEDC has established a team of employees nicknamed MANBASSADORS and trained by USAID, to engage the male and female gender from all walks of life to embrace the concept of gender equality.

“Yours truly has been appointed the MenEngage Champion.

“Furthermore, IBEDC has plans to improve the gender mix for female employees to at least 20 per cent in the short term and then scale up as time goes by,” Achife said.

He said that statistics had shown that, on average, women in leadership roles performed better than their male counterparts in strategic decision-making.

“The gut feeling and instinct that women are known for cannot be overshadowed by cold hard facts and figures that male managers tend to base their decision on,” the managing director said.

The Guest Speaker, Mrs Patricia Akinlotan, Executive Director, EZ 37 Solutions Ltd, said that the conference was about empowering women to rise above the limitations placed on them.

“Everything starts with you and if you remove the glass ceiling on your mind, you clear all obstacles, and you have intentional focus, then you see what others are not seeing.

“You can have access to information, because we live in a digital age and information is power,” Akinlotan said.

She enjoined the government to prioritise education for women, “because if you educate a woman, you train a generation”.

A gender equality advocate, 14-year-old Aline Shahimi, said “change starts from the house.

If you want a society where we are developed, and men and women are valued equally, then you must start from the home.

In her remarks, Ms Ehi Obaseki, Chief Human Resources Officer, IBEDC, said that gender equality had come to stay, adding that there was the need to change our thinking and the gender stereotypes.

“Women need to be more visible and step up to apply for jobs.

When we put out job adverts, we noticed men are quicker to apply than women, who have other considerations.

“Women need to break that glass ceiling, be visible and pursue careers, ” Obaseki said.

NAN reports that in 2015, USAID and IBEDC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on engendering utility programmes.

This is a platform to infuse the needed diversity required to recruit, train, and empower more women into IBEDC workforce.

NewsSourceCredit: NAN

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…Tricycle driver with one passenger died instantly.

Operatives of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) today rescued another 4 fatal accident victims inside mini commercial buses (tricycles) around Ikotun area of Lagos.

The accident which occurred around 12:30 pm today involved a fully loaded container truck (JJJ 125) and 4 mini commercial buses (tricycles) with registration nos (LSD 83 QM), (AKD 690 QK) & (AKL 87 QF)

The driver of one of the mini commercial bus (tricycle) with one passenger died instantly.

Those four (4) rescued accident victims by Lastma personnel were 2 pregnant women and 2 children.

Lastma personnel immediately handed over those rescued victims to Police men from Ikotun Police Station who took them to General Hospital for treatment.


A preliminary investigation revealed that the fully loaded container truck (JJJ 125) had a brake failure and crushed 3 tricycles by a valley around synagogue when going towards Ikotun.

The Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) immediately moved the tanker with those crushed tricycles to Ikotun Police Station

Other emergency responders including the Nigerian Police men from Ikotun Police Station were at the scene of the accident.

The General Manager of LASTMA Mr Bolaji Oreagba however warned tanker owners and drivers to always ensure that their trucks are properly checked and in good conditions before embarking on any journey.

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Funke Felix Adejumo @ 60: Celebrating an Amazon and a fisher of Men






When Pastor Funke Felix Adejumo heed to the alter call by giving her life to her creator at age 14 little did she know that it was the path to her greatness in life as her steps and sojourn in ministry has been ordered to take a very wonderous path? Although it was a tough decision today that singular decision has made her a teacher, mother, mentor and role model to millions of people across the world.

One thing she is notable for is the fact that you can serve your creator without looking tattered and unkempt as she is known to have stated in preachings that it’s essential for women to dress well and not follow the old order of Nigerian Christianity. Today, through her teachings lots of marriages have been salvaged, lots of homes have been restrengthening, lots of lives have been saved and lots of unbelievers have been converted to believers.


The graduate of English from the University of Nigeria Nsukka didn’t just get to her current status by fluke; it took her years of sheer dint of hard work and resilience to attain the enviable height she is today. While growing up, she faced different challenges being a female child as her father didn’t want to invest in her education but with divine intervention, her story changed for good as she is today a graduate and an honorary Doctorate Degree holder. Her life further had a new direction when she met her husband Felix Remi Adejumo in 1892 and got married in 1984 this further cemented her faith as a preacher. With a rough start in ministry in Akure Ondo State, she persevered, built and stood firmly by her husband helping him nurture the Agape Christian ministry that used to be moribund to having over 30 branches across Nigeria.


Tomorrow Saturday the 28th of January the well-respected woman of God will glide into the leagues of Sexagenarian as many across the world are getting set to celebrate her to the high heaven with already planned activities to mark her day; it is worthy to note that; her life and teaching over the years have been centred round not only prosperity but preaches patience, growth, development, hard work, and spirituality. Funke Adejumo remains one of the biggest vineyards of his creator sent to the world to redefine Christianity and win souls to the kingdom at 60, her life should be an emulation to all women.



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A Minister Without Enemy Hasn’t Touched Kingdom of Darkness –Apostle Suleman




Apostle Johnson Suleman


God is not mocked. Insulting or showing contempt or lack of reverence for God’s servant is an expression of weakness and carnality. These were the words of servant of God and senior pastor at the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM), Apostle Johnson Suleman, in one of his recent past evangelistic sermons.


The enemy is seeking to destroy the Church and in his fantasy, he is attacking what he perceives to be the greatest opportunity for destruction: the pastor’s personality. According to the ‘Restoration Apostle’ in the message extracted from four of his recorded old teachings, “while the enemy devises a scheme to destroy the Church, he would find ways to attack the prophet, and as he finds ways to attack the prophet, he would see his person as the area of greatest vulnerability.”


However, Apostle Suleman affirms that while challenges with the Church have been around since the beginning, church leaders with strong faith and the committed flock would continue to remain essential to the Church. The famous Minister of God underscores some facts which he believes are characteristics of a prophet with leadership potentials: he loves God and shows love to people around him because, he says, love is the foundation for a healthy ministry; he has a clear vision and is strategic, he exhibits servant leadership and is dedicated to serving others.


The enemy has different tactics aimed to hinder the word of God. But God is not mocked, declares Apostle Suleman, adding that, “but we are prepared for the attacks and we are prepared for the defeat of the attacks.” “We must put on the armour of God, which is primarily a righteous life. But along with that, we must be aware of the enemy’s tactics because the enemy wants to immobilize us and keep us from progressing in our spiritual lives, and therefore, he will come with many different attacks. He wants to keep us from building and completing the work that God has called us to. Because our enemy is both wise and relentless, we must be aware of his tricks and schemes.”



A prophet of God must stand strong in the face of criticism, Apostle Suleman counsels. “Of course, criticism usually stings and criticism on a public forum stings even more. It discourages the church and hurts the testimony of Christians and the church. But we must stick to preaching the truth at all times and pray to ensure whatever attention of true believers that the devil had taken or captured is recovered.”


Apostle Suleman then warns that he is not a regular preacher because he is aware there are enemies and their antics, positing that any Minister of God who has no enemies has not really touched the kingdom of darkness.


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