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Kanwulia’s Lagos Amerikana Who’s That Girl Tour Climaxes at LIJF 2024 Showcase



Kanwulia’s Lagos Amerikana Who’s That Girl Tour reached its climax at the LIJF 2024 Showcase. The event showcased Kanwulia’s incredible talent and captivated the audience with her unique blend of Nigerian and American influences. With her remarkable performance, Kanwulia solidified her status as a rising star in the music industry.

In a harmonious blend of soulful tunes and vibrant rhythms, Kanwulia’s Amerikana Who’s That Girl!? Lagos Tour reached its climax at the prestigious Lagos International Jazz Festival 2024 Showcase. Hosted at the Live Lounge Victoria Island, Lagos, the event stood as a beacon of musical excellence and cultural fusion.

Spanning nearly a fortnight, Kanwulia’s tour swept through Lagos, captivating audiences with her dynamic performances and infectious energy. From the lively media rendezvous at The Rhodes BBQ in Alausa, Ikeja, where she received her PMAN Work License Card from PMAN Lagos Governor and legendary African Female Drummer, Aralola Olamuyiwa, to the mesmerizing jazz ambiance of Scotch Bonnet Jazz, and the scenic waterfront setting of The Bay Lounge Lekki, her presence resonated at every stop.

Highlights of the tour included an engaging appearance at the Umutu Jazz Immersion Show and a poignant tribute appearance at Freedom Park in honor of the late arts and culture luminary, Jimi Solanke.

Official meet and greets with music industry icons like Pretty Okafor, the current PMAN National President, and Collins Enebeli, affectionately known as Mavin Grandpa and father to Ace Nigerian producer Don Jazzy further enriched the tour experience.

At the LIJF 2024 showcase, serving as the tour’s grand finale, Kanwulia commanded the stage as the headliner, delivering a captivating performance that enthralled the audience. Other acts in the event lineup included the talented 10Strings All Stars Band and an array of guest acts like Ire, Chiamaka, Akan, Alessandra from Panama, as well as inioluwa, Champion and Prince Charles. Special appearances by renowned DJ Jimbo and the Jazzahead Bremen Germany-bound AFRO4 superband added to the night’s allure.

Packaged by the innovative minds at Inspiro Productions with support from the dynamic Volkano Productions crew, the tour and its LIJF 2024 Showcase underscored the transformative power of music and the enduring impact of Kanwulia’s musical prowess.

As the final chords echoed, it was clear that Kanwulia’s tour had forged a lasting connection between music, culture, and community.

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AFRIMA: Beat S’Africa to hosting rights, stakeholders tell Tinubu, Musawa





…insists one edition must be held in Abuja, Jos, Kaduna

A culture and creative industry advocacy group, Arewa Creative Industry Heritage Vanguard, has called on President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and the Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy, Hanatu Musawa, to lead efforts in securing the hosting rights for the next two editions of the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA)offered by the African Union Commission to Nigeria and South Africa as reported in the media recently. They want to ensure that at least one edition of the prestigious event takes place in the northern region of Nigeria of Kaduna, Jos or Abuja due to years of deliberate marginalization and deprivation of international events of this nature.

According to Dr Shehu Samadi, the President of the Vanguard, speaking from Kaduna, they have learned that the African Union (AU) invited the governments of Nigeria and South Africa to submit bids for the hosting rights for the next editions of the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA). As such, they are imploring and advising President Tinubu not to allow South Africa to beat Nigeria to the hosting rights as this will have implications on the national psyche of Nigerians and the development of the music industry. It called on the Honorable Minister of Art, Culture and Creative Economy, Hanatu Musawa to update Nigerians on the progress made thus far in securing the AFRIMA hosting rights, for Nigerians to know how and where to assist in achieving this common objective.

The group, which comprises cultural enthusiasts, music industry stakeholders, and advocates for Northern Nigeria’s music heritage, recognizes the significance of AFRIMA in promoting African music and fostering cultural exchange across the continent and with the rest of the world. Therefore, they believe it is essential for Nigeria, especially the Northern region, to play a central role in hosting the event and showcasing the country’s rich creativity and cultural diversity from its point of expertise and cultural expression.

Samadi emphasized three significant reasons why President Tinubu should champion the course of securing the hosting rights. The group recalls with nostalgia how President Tinubu in 2015, in person received a 23.9 karat gold plated AFRIMA trophy as the pillar of Art and Culture in Africa presented by the African Union commission.” This should motivate the President to intensify efforts to secure the hosting rightshaving experience the creative power and the global influence of AFRIMA personally.

The second reason is that as the Chairman of the Economic Community of West African States, ECOWAS, President Tinubu can utilize the opportunity of hosting a large-scale event like this to further his commitment towards promoting unity, economic development, and cultural diversity in the region and on the continent. Although an event of AFRIMA’s scale can cause significant ripples across the continent and around the world, Nigeria stands a chance of benefiting the most, and we in the North hope to tap into the inherent benefits as against the past practice of marginalization where such international events are preserved for the exclusive experience of the southern part of Nigeria..”

Thirdly, the Nigerian Music industry has witnessed astronomical global growth with little or no input from successive governments. Hosting an AFRIMA by this government provides an appropriate platform for the Tinubu Administration to establish itself as a creative industry supporting the government as well as engendering a positive perception and image for Nigeria to attract tourism and foreign direct investment.

“Fourth, we believe that Northern Nigeria has the potential to become a tourism hub, and hosting events like this can help mitigate the effect of insecurity in our region. We are eager to host an event like this because we strongly believe that it could be used to address the issues that have plagued our region, including terrorism and banditry. By promoting peace and tranquillity, our youth can embrace hope and prosperity as well promote the budding music talents in the region who require inspiration and pragmatic motivation” he said.

The group is advocating for the cities of Abuja, Jos and Kaduna to be considered as host cities for at least one of the two editions of AFRIMA. The group believes that these cities are strategically located, culturally significant, and have vibrant music scenes, making them ideal venues for the event.

The group expresses concern over what they perceive as a pattern of neglect in the hosting of key musical events, and they call for greater inclusivity and representation for the Northern region. They note that in recent years, there has been a growing sentiment among stakeholders in the Northern music industry that the region is often overlooked when it comes to hosting major international events.

Samadi said: “Despite boasting a wealth of cultural heritage and a thriving music industry, Northern Nigeria has frequently found itself sidelined in favour of other regions when it comes to hosting events of national and international significance. This is unfortunate.

“We strongly believe that hosting AFRIMA in Abuja, Jos and Kaduna would not only stimulate economic growth and promote tourism in the region but address this feeling of discrimination against us.

“In addition to the big music superstars from this part of the country, Abuja, Jos and Kaduna have the infrastructure, capacity, and cultural significance to host AFRIMA successfully. It is time for Northern Nigeria to be given the recognition it deserves on the continental stage.”

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Atlanta-based Musical Sensation, Kanwulia Sparks with Lagos Easter Tour Packaged by Inspiro Productions and Volkano Productions




Nigerian-American creative powerhouse, Kanwulia, is turning up the heat in Lagos this Easter with her electrifying “Amerikana Who’s That Girl!?” Lagos Easter Tour packaged by the visionary teams at Inspiro Productions and their dynamic partners, Volkano Productions.

The tour commenced with a sensational welcome as Kanwulia touched down at Murtala Muhammed International Airport, greeted by the infectious energy of her devoted ‘Team Kanwulia’ and adoring fans. It was a scene set to kickstart an unforgettable musical voyage through the heart of Nigeria’s bustling metropolis.

The excitement reached fever pitch at The Rhodes BBQ Alausa Media Meet & Greet, where Kanwulia took center stage and stunned the media with an impromptu rendition of her chart-topping anthem, “Bigger Things”. The energy was palpable as they were impressed by her magnetic performance.

During the press meet and greet, Ara Olumuyiwa, PMAN Lagos Governor and esteemed African Drummer, proudly presented Kanwulia her official PMAN Lagos work card, recognizing her exceptional talent and impact in the music industry.” I am honored to present this well-deserved recognition to Kanwulia,” remarked Inspiro Productions CEO Ayoola Sadare expressing his admiration for the artist’s boundless creativity and dedication to her craft. “Her music transcends boundaries and inspires us all,” added the Convener of the Prestigious Lagos International Jazz Festival.
In her speech, Volkanoproductions CEO Diana Nwandu highlighted the collaborative spirit behind the tour, emphasizing the importance of creativity and innovation in shaping the future of music entertainment. “Kanwulia’s tour is a testament to the power of collaboration and the limitless possibilities of artistic expression,” she explained.

The tour promises to take Kanwulia to the heights of Lagos’s vibrant music scene, with stops at iconic venues such as Scotch Bonnet, BayLounge, Sol Beach, Umutu Jazz Club, Freedom Park, Jazz Hole & Eko Hotel amongst others culminating in a spellbinding performance at The Lagos International Jazz Festival 2024 showcase to be held at Live Lounge where Kanwulia will headline alongside a stellar lineup of top musicians.

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Olori omo oba hit 67 And still waxing stronger




By seun oloketuyi

Alhaji Wasiu Omo Gbolahan Olasunkami Adewale Ayinde is a man of destiny, focused and passionate about what he wants.

Or, what do you call a man, who rose from the streets of Isale Eko chasing his dreams to be a musician highly insipired by Islamic beliefs before trying out as an actor and then going back fully to Fuji, a genre of music that has blessed him and vice-versa.

Over the years, the princely singer from the Fidipote family has remained focused with his eyes firm on the crystal balls.

Despite his royal status, the Ijebu people, humanity, building bridges and indeed the entertainment industry have been the better for it as he remains one of the biggest act from Africa as at today.

KWAM 1 or K1- de Ultimate as many love to call him, loves his root – the Yoruba people – and undoubtedly, he loves his Ijebu root more and that’s why he has moved back home for about a decade.

Since moving back to Ijebu, he has established businesses and continues helping the development of the land.

Little wonder, the Awujale of Ijebuland, the highly respected Monarch, sees KWAM 1’s efforts and contribution to the growth of the revered Ijebuland and decided to reward him by bestowing upon him the important title of Olori Omo Oba – a position formerly occupied by banking doyen Otunba Subomi Balogun until his demise.

Alhaji Wasiu is 67 today in good health and we pray his tenure is peaceful and brings progress.

Long May you live Olori Omo Oba

Long May you live Awujale

Long May Ijebu prosper

Seun Oloketuyi
Is Producer of Awujale
Bio pic

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