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Popular Actor Kolade Segun-Okeowo’s Large Heart



Talking about one of the very few people, passionate about the development of Ogun state and Nigeria as a whole, then renowned gospel filmmaker and evangelist, Kolade Segun-Okeowo, popularly known as KSO, strikes your mind.
He is the son of late former President of the National Association of Nigeria Student (NANS), Mr. Segun Okeowo, who came into prominence by leading a nationwide student protest against the Olusegun Obasanjo-led military government in the late 1970s during the famous ‘Ali Must Go’ era.

Apart from his political pedigree and aspiration, he is known to be a cheerful giver; who loathes the sight of people around him in distress, he is ever ready to give his all. KSO is one of the fresh gust of summer wind in Nigeria politics most especially Ogun state. His brilliance, impeccable ideas, and foresight for Ogun state is one thing that marvels most people especially his critics 

The Ogun state born gospel filmmaker is not relenting in his quest to occupy a seat at the Ogun State House of Assembly, representing Sagamu constituency 2 under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party PDP. In a build-up to the general elections in 2019, on Saturday, March 10, KSO Friends Initiatives in conjunction with Treasures Empowerment Network, hosted the first ever series of “Free Open Market Program” for the indigent of Simawa in Ogun state.

According to a source who attended the much talked about event, divulged to CITYSPY that; “With over one thousand attendees, KSO and his team were able to provide them all with clothing materials, foodstuffs of all kind, and other basic amenities needed for the survival of man. KSO also awarded a full scholarship programme to four brilliant students from primary till secondary and promises to continue till university level if elected. He further promised to hold the open market programme in six other location across the Sagamu local government axis of Ogun state. KSO has vowed to continue giving back to his community in or outside politics.


Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Manchester United





Cristiano Ronaldo and his agent Jorge Mendes held meetings with United at Carrington on Tuesday, but his position remains unchanged and he wants to play for a club in the Champions League and win major trophies. United do not want him to go, however, and Ronaldo has started training with the team having missed the club’s pre-season tour of Thailand and Australia due to family reasons.

His potential options elsewhere are limited. Chelsea are not an option anymore, while Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid appeared to publicly rule themselves out this week. “As we’ve seen on Instagram, Ronaldo has been keeping fit, so there are no concerns from Manchester United over his fitness or physical level; he’s one of the fittest players in world football.

“Ultimately, The Portuguese forward did state his desire to leave Old Trafford, but he’s running out of options, and it seems like he’s actually going to have to stay. Perhaps he will try and swing it where the 25 per cent pay cut in his contract will be waived away by United, perhaps he wants to manoeuvre and muscle a new deal, we’ll have to wait and see. But it doesn’t look like Stamford Bridge is on his cards.

“Chelsea have distanced themselves from a deal for Ronaldo, as have Bayern Munich, Napoli and a lot of other elite clubs that Jorge Mendes, who is Ronaldo’s agent, has tried to sell him to. “An offer from Saudi Arabia is astronomical but ultimately, it does not give Cristiano Ronaldo what he wants, which is that legacy. He wants to achieve Champions League records that he thinks no one else will be able to attain in the future.

“He wants to sign off at the absolute highest level. Now, it looks increasingly like he will have to stay at Manchester United because there are no biters from the big clubs.

“Everyone has their forwards already, and Chelsea, who are the only club looking like they could actually potentially be spun by what Cristiano Ronaldo offers off the pitch because we were told that Mendes, while being in front of these clubs, was putting forward his numbers in terms of social media influence, sponsorship that he rakes in, the commercial gain of his shirt sales and stuff like that. But even they now say he is not in their plans. Their immediate aim is to strengthen the defence.

“So, that leaves Ronaldo really with not many choices. We know that he does want to be competing at the highest level so if he does go to Saudi Arabia that cuts against everything he has said and everything we actually know about him and his career.

“Manchester United have always been very calm and very comfortable. They have insisted he is not for sale, and he will see out the last year of his contract. How they manoeuvre this now going forward we’ll see, but Ronaldo is keeping fit, so they have no issues or problems or fears over what state he’ll report back to pre-season in.”

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-you must remain a good Ambassador of Christ- Chris Okafor

No fewer than 120 certified Trained Prophetic students of Grace Nation Bible Institute graduated today after they have gone through rigorous prophetic training by the best Teachers Supervised by the anointed servant of God Dr. Chris Okafor. The student was presented with their certificates at the special convocation ceremony held at the International Headquarters of Grace Nation(GBI) in Ojodu Berger Lagos Nigeria. According to the Rector of the institute, they satisfy all requirements and conditions to be awarded a diploma certificate in various fields of Prophetic and Bibles knowledge.

In his words of Encouragement, the President of Grace Nation Bible Institute, Dr. Chris Okafor remarks that he has no doubt in his mind that all the students are well-trained judging by the level and capacity of all the resource Personality who lecture them, train and retraining them to face any challenges that come there ways,
The Apostle of altars also challenged them to be a good ambassador of the school to the outside world through soul-winning to the kingdom of God.

The Generational Prophet of God also remarked that as you have all learned, you must put the name of a school in good repute and always ready to work for the Lord at any time

Some of the course covered in the 8weeks program includes Evangelism and soul-winning, spiritual development and Human Management to mention but few

The highlight of the convocation was the Presentation of Certificates to all the students, according to the Rector all the students perform excellently well

Earlier in his sermon, the Senior Pastor Grace Nation and the Generational prophet of God Dr. Chris Okafor teach on the series, ”The Covenant Day of Settlement” said settlement comes when you fulfill all the Principles of Settlement,
the man of God said nothing come free but when you applied the principles and follow it diligently you will easily get a settlement on all side

The realm of the Prophetic witnessed another higher dimension of Prophetic movement and deliverance through the Set Man, the Generational Prophet of God Dr. Chris Okafor, He visited many family altars and set many captives free, he also delivered people with blood-line diseases while delivering miracle babies to expectant mothers

The service came to a close with a special Prayer for the Set Man, the Generational Prophet of God Dr. Chris Okafor who will be making another birthday tomorrow, 4 April 2022.


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KWAM 1’s Wife Emmanuella Ajike Morounropo Should be Arrested For Stealing………







Ever since her romance with the King of Fuji Music; Wasiu Ayinde Marshall broke, it has generated mixed reactions from all sundry. Emmanuella Morounropo has remained unperturbed and unflinching staying through to her man not minding the unnecessary controversies the news generated. Her name was on the lips of many like she was the one who allowed the cost of foodstuff to skyrocket. She received heavy bashing from acclaimed relationship freedom fighters and those close to her. In spite of all the noise-making tactics many thought would sweep her off balance, she remains dogged, unruffled, turning deaf ears to all unnecessary discussion cutting off toxic relationships around her.


Some averred that; with the controversies trailing K1 as regards his marital status, why would a promising beautiful lady like Emmanuella insist on settling with such a person but with the strong mind and will to always succeed in everything she ventures into, the Otun Iyalode of Igbehin has promised herself that regardless anything negative comment from people, her nuptial to K1 will flourish and succeed against all odds of those who are predicting a fall out after 2 years.

Emmanuella Ropo

For the want of a better description, Nuella is a misunderstood person, but one thing that remains constant in every conversation about her is having children from her previous marriages. In the real sense, that an individual does not get it right in the first 4 attempts does not mean the individual will not get it right trying again. Life is not about competition, everybody is not destined to get things right on the first attempt. Her past does not define who she is or be a determinant for her success in her new union. With so much experience, she came prepared for the worst and will paddle her loveship with her husband the way he wants it. But one thing remains a reoccurring decimal; it’s the love and affection they both have for each other. They never failed to display it at every given opportunity both online and offline.


Sources averred that; Nuella is a very caring and loving lady a feature that might have captivated her husband’s heart. Those close to K1 can also agree that; the Fuji maestro is a very caring individual who always stands by his own people. When both Husband and Wife have something in common, it’s a matter of loving each other unconditionally. On the wedding day, looking at K1’s countenance it’s glaring that he is drunk in Emmanuella’s love and Emmanuella is super excited to have married the Fuji Czar with all her heart.

K1 and Emmanuella Ropo in a passionate kiss

Making reference to the book of John 8:7, which said; “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” Like 2Face said in one of his music; ‘Nobody Holy Pass’; those making disparaging comments about her are worst if their past shrouded in secrecy is unraveled. For someone of K1’s age, with his street orientation, settling for a woman who would respect him, care for him and give him peace of mind is a big deal. All these are what Nuella did to further sweep K1 off his feet. What K1 might have seen in Nuella if we all climb the highest iroko tree, we might not be privileged to see it. People find love and fall in love for many reasons. in K1’s case. he caught the love bug in a different way for him to have decided to wife the Egba woman. Love is a beautiful thing and the happiness of K1, who put smiles on the faces of many should be considered. Someone of his nature who is salt to many events needs to be happy. If settling for Nuella will make him happy, he deserves our prayers and nothing more. For those casting aspersions about the bride, if she had rest of mind and fulfillment in her previous relationships, she would not have had any cause to leave. If she has found solace and love in KWAM 1, then let us pray and also support her to succeed in her nuptial union.


A close source disclosed that; those who are raising eyebrows are envious of the fact that K1 settled for her. They are jealous of the fact that, after trying to catch the Fuji lord’s attention, he settled for Nuella. “Don’t mind those naysayers most especially, the ladies talking gibberish online and offline. They are just jealous and envious. They are both married so the case is closed. No matter anything anyone says, it does not change the fact that she is married to him. They both understand each other and will never let any negative vibes come closer to their love. Women are supposed to be supporting their fellow women but what we see here is women beefing the success of their fellow women. Do they think K1 will leave Emanuella for them? The union is ordained from God nothing any human can do about it. They should focus more on healing from their bad belle.”


On a lighter note, Emmanuella should be arrested for stealing the heart of a global icon’s like K. She should be questioned thoroughly how she was able to achieve such a herculean task and later confined in a place with him without access to leave so we can have that beautiful baby bump to consummate their union. May they both witness peace and tranquility as they spend the rest of their lives together in good health and wealth.

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