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Seyi Vodi Still Waxing Stronger, Takes Fashion Business To Another Level



Seyi Vodi



For consistently taking Nigerian fashion imprint beyond borders by globalizing the local, if there was a Grammy like award in the fashion Industry, Oluwaseyi Adekunle; known with the fashion label name as Seyi Vodi would be the only African to have won the award on several occasions.


His creative prowess, eye for details and excellence is second to none. If he could publish a book on how to survive as an entrepreneur in the fashion industry would probably be one of the best-selling books in the country for upcoming entrepreneurs and Fashion Brand owners.   


Following the new year message of Late Educationist, Dr. Tai Solarin in 1964 titled; ‘May Your Road be Rough’ where he said; ‘‘our successes are conditioned by the amount of risk we are ready to take…The big fish is never caught in shallow waters. You have to go into the open sea for it. The biggest businessmen make decisions with lighting speed and carry it out with equal celerity. They do not dare delay or dally.’’ When Seyi started, his road was indeed rough. At a point, many thought he was going to be swept off by the business Tsunami and Typhoon but with doggedness, consistency and prayers there was light at the end of his tunnel. Today, his Abuja office is always filled up to the brim as customers troop in and out every second.



In a few month’s time, Seyi Vodi will celebrate its 20th anniversary as a full-fledged fashion business conglomerate. it’s a worthy celebration, most especially despite the hurdles faced in the line of business he needs to be celebrated and even roll out drums in celebration to the high heaven.


Sources said the Geology graduate from the University of Maiduguri is mapping out plans to make the celebration grand. Some said he might also commission his multi-billion naira

Fashion Hub located in the heart of Abuja. The entrance of the architectural masterpiece office complex is designed with a gigantic sewing machine which is a symbol of fashion. All the office wares are imported to give it a lovely fitting and make it a lovely ambiance for all fashion lovers. The over 5 storey-building complex also boasts of a luxury private penthouse office with a relaxation spot and a private swimming pool for visitors. “Still unclear yet but I think he will be launching the big office edifice as part of the activities to mark his 20th Anniversary. He will also show his generosity to the needy as a way to mark the anniversary.” The source further added.


Sesan Adeniji: We Won The Grammy Awards, But What’s Next Nigerian Artistes To Do And Conquer?






It has been months since the news of Burna Boy and Wizkid winning the Grammy Awards, which made both the first homegrown Nigerian artists to win the most coveted prize in world music, the Holy Grail legends before them could not attain. With such massive achievements in the bag, the nagging question now is, what’s next for Naija musicians to do and conquer?


The answer to that specific question will determine if we will dominate the world music scene for a long time or become a flash in the pan. Burna Boy and Wizkid will push the envelope, but they can’t rule forever. I also know that in this country, we have a culture of Me Alone. But the only way we can maintain this recent world recognition/commendation and conquer more territory is to have a concerted effort to seed more talents into the international entertainment market.


Like in football, the earlier a country exposes and exports a stream of young talents into international competition, the earlier they will put together a chunk of experienced players to dominate and reach the finals of countries’ tournaments. Likewise, in the music industry, the earlier we discover and shine enough spotlights on young talents by exporting their music to the world, the earlier we stand a chance to dominate world music.


Nowadays, the music business is more than just musicians, so the narrative should be about exporting the content of Nigerian artists, dancers, models, entertainment writers, music producers, video directors, OAPs, and A&Rs. The more music and music-related content creators we seed, the more we will positively shape our Afrobeats narratives, conquer the music corridors and have corner offices in the world music market.


Sesan Adeniji: Entertainment Journalist | A&R

Instgaram- @sesanadeniji


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Award Winning on-Air personality and Celebrity MC, Sleeky Damian will host “PAD A PAL” Charity Ball at Kakanfo Inn and Conference Centre on August 6, 2021 featuring performers, entertainers, speakers, attendees, philanthropists.
The Charity ball/humanitarian event will attract dignitaries from all walks of life. Tickets are not sold at the event as all entries at the ball are free. However, we encourage all attendees to give generously. For those who wish to support or donate before the event, the account number (0178850019, FCMB, Adebunmi Damian Adegoke) has been supplied for your input towards the event.


The Event is poised to raise a couple of millions of naira for the foundation network to be launched whose objective is aimed at solving reproductive health issues among female teens. Enlightenment campaigns and sensitization will be carried out across different secondary schools in Ibadan and its environs by a team of our medical experts.
All your contributions are worthy of the celebrations and joy at the Ball. If for some reason, you cannot attend, please send in your donations to the account number provided above. Also, someone can attend the ball instead of you with your pass.


Life becomes meaningful when the world unites to make it a better place for all; words of admonition from one of our attendees Rt. Hon. Adebo Ogundoyin, Speaker, 9th Oyo Assembly.

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Princess Toyin Kolade: Unfit As Iyalaje Oodua!




By Wale Ojo-Lanre

Yes. That is an exclamatory opinion, which should not elicit a stone-throwing act from you.

Even at that, I don’t care a hoot about your feeling.

One thing I want everyone to know from the onset of reading this article is the fact that I don’t care whose ox will be gored by this harmless article of mine.

The article is about one Toyin Kolade, who has just being installed as the Iyalaje Oodua, the armorer of wealth, which is the mother of fortune, by the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, at a lavish ceremony, which has been described as the most glamorous installation ceremony of a single person, in the history of Nigeria.

I care not what you think about me. It is you and your fellow friends who Toyin Kolade spoon feeds that will loath the truth to be said about her. And I am not one. She may be your benefactor, she is not mine and I am not a businessman, so you cannot think I am envying her because of her bludgeoning business empire. So, I have no inhibition or any encumbrances expressing my feelings about her with no iota of sentimentalism

I believe as a pure Yoruba man, with no admixture of any blood of other ethnic tribes in the world. I have the right to express my view on any issue, which concerns Yoruba heritage, culture and tourism.

Hence, nobody should look at me with a melancholic eye as what I am crafting here is to air my view on how and why on earth, that the mantle of one of the foremost traditional titles in the women genre was bestowed on Toyin Kolade, out of all women in Yoruba, home and in the Diaspora?

Though, I know that this article will definitely place me before the fury of many people, particularly, my father the paramount ruler of Akola Ijesa, HRM, Oba Festus Adekunle, who may likely disown me as a Prince of Akola Ijesa, on the point that there is no way an adopted son will behave like a real product of the scrotum of the king.

I also know that I am risking been banned from entering the Palace of the Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, who deemed it necessary, fit and proper to exercise his spiritual, traditional and cultural authority to confer one of the most enviable and traditionally important titles of the Head and Controller of Oodualand markets on Chief Mrs Toyin Kolade, a woman of legendary merchandising feat, who by that title has become one of the mothers of the Earth – stimulator of gains, profits, market fortune and merchandising.

But the truth is that the momentous and grand celebration, the publicity stunts, the hullabaloo, the noise and public awareness, plus the deluge of visitors, who witnessed the epic installation of Chief Mrs. Toyin Kolade as the Iyalaje Oodua, were enough to cultivate envy, suspicion and interrogation of why should she be the fellow who has to be shouldered with the enormous responsibility.


Princess Toyin Kolade Iyalaje Oodua

Also, as an Ambassador of Culture, Arts and Tourism, it will be unfair on my part to close my mouth or be passive, whenever some people with foul minds and rabid thoughts are out to desecrate and rubbish the cultural heritage, which our forefathers bequeathed to us and which the Ooni of Ife today is diligently and beautifully showcasing, preserving, protecting, projecting and placing on the front burner of local cultural engagement for this generation and generations unborn.

Ooni Ogunwusi is not just a human being, but an enigmatic divine creature of God, whose head has been spiritually honed by  Olodumare, the Eleda Ohungbogbo, to tend the sacred House of Oduduwa, with precision spirituality and almost infallible decision making traditional process and procedure.

Thus, he is his not expected to install a misfit as the Iyalaje Oodua, the brewer of wealth,  stimulator of commercial bliss, initiator of trade growth and lubricator of business fortune

However, the installation of Toyin Kolade, as the Iyalaje of Oodua has continued to set tongues wagging about the correctness of this particular act by the Ooni of Ife, because that title is not for just for a mere society lady, who indulges in Owambe without a visible means of livelihood, but a title for that woman who prosper where even accomplished business men failed abysmally to thrive.

An Iyalaje of Oodua should be that lady, who must be Yoruba in acts, deeds and thought. A lady of quintessential and impeccable character, who must have not have be found wanting either in private engagement or public dealings and a lady who must have past record of supporting and reinforcing the impressive strides of the Ooni of today, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, at reinvigorating and resuscitating the cultural heritage of the House of Oodua.

An Iyalaje Oodua must not only be solid in business and blessed in native intellegence but also of importance, must be culturally sound, active and proactive, particularly she must have been seen to have identified and continued to be identified as a defender and promoter of the tradition, culture, arts and tourism of Yorubaland.

She must not be a fraud, a social irritant, a recluse, whose names cannot be vouched for or command respect upon mentioning in any responsible gathering.


Princess Toyin Kolade Iyalaje Oodua

Iyalaje Oodua must be that person whose understanding of the cultural heritage of the Yoruba is beyond mere guessing, window dressing and attention-seeking.

The Iyalaje must be a legendary entrepreneur, who has amazing accomplishments in the arts of rural trade, domestic market and intercontinental merchandising.

She must be a woman of unblemished integrity, who is royal in gait, graceful in thought, cultural in perception and vibrant in delivery of an assignment hurled on her by the Ooni of Ife.

She must be a woman who is ever ready and willing to sacrifice her resources, emotion, personality, time and all God-given attributes at resuscitating the wealth, fortune, trade and boost business and commercial activities in Yorubaland.

As Iyalaje signifies the totality of wealth, the fortune of the whole land, which is not localized within the perimeter of the feminist sphere, but of inter-gender, she must be someone who can be an Iyagbogbo – mother of all – both in conduct, interaction, networking and leverage

She must be a lady whose tentacles of friends, width of connection, length of interactive experience and her coast of influence is local, domestic, continental and trans-intercontinental.

Iyalaje Oodua must be that lady whose frame of business must have a relationship with the Sea – the Aje Olokun Asorodayo – and who must act and be seen always in the mold of Olokun Princess.

All these expected behavior, characteristics and prerequisites of an Iyalaje Oodua are testimonies that the title of Iyalaje is an Atari Ajanaku ti ki se eru odomode (a title not just for the lily-livered woman).

It is not a title for the highest bidders or just for the fun of it; but a title for that woman, who is blessed with a supernatural aura of being an enigmatic business soul and who is culturally wired to her tradition, and who can at anytime sacrifice whatever God has blessed her with to spiritually stoke the wealth and fortune spirit for the advancement and development of Yorubaland.

And only a dark idiot, who is blind spiritually and who is a cultural maggot, will disagree with the Ooni of Ife for adhering strictly to the laid down traditional process of appointing and installing Chief Mrs Toyin Kolade as the Iyalaje Oodua.

Having clinically juxtaposed the personality, story, strides, journey, experience and accomplishments of Toyin Kolade with the expectations and characteristics of who should be an Iyalaje Oodua, only a complete daft and congenital moron will say that she is unfit for the title.

And I am sure you are not one of them. I don’t know whether you are?

And if you are not, join me to congratulate a quintessential woman. A spiritual enigma. A wonderful personality, an inter-continental merchant, avid cultural and tourism promoter, and a philanthropist, who is now the Iyalaje Oodua.

My dearest sister,

Gesin nkese ….

Aba re ti gbe ooo

kare re o, Ijesha aponada.

Omo ajogberu, ma jo gbeko

Osohmaloo Ile oodua


•Ojo-Lanre, the Senior Special Assistant on Tourism Development to Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi, writes from Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State.

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