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Surulere: Group says Sangodara’s opponents are confused, only distracting INEC in court



The opponents of Member Representing Surulere II constituency Hon. Mosunmola Sangodara have been urged not to confuse themselves over a lawsuit filed against the lawmaker.

The coordinator of the Eko Progressive Young Professionals, EPYP, Prince Abiola Ayinde, who made this known on Friday also advised against distracting the Independent National Electoral Commission in court.

Speaking against the backdrop of a publication indicating the testimony of an INEC official in court, Ayinde said the opponents had veered off their initial claim of certificate forgery against the legislator.

The trial continued on Friday before Hon. Justice Oweibo of the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos, as the All Progressives Congress and Hon. Mosunmola Sangodara were scheduled to open their defense.

The Counsel to APC and Hon Mosunmola Sangodara, Adebisi Oridate Esq informed the Court that they filed a Motion yesterday have and served electronically and physically on the other Counsels this morning.

Adebisi Oridate Esq however informed the Court that after a careful review of their case, they would be withdrawing the Motion as there was no need for it again.

The Counsel to 2nd & 3rd Defendants in turn responded that he owed the Court an ethical duty to inform the Court of the status of the Motion especially as Dr. Pinheiro had earlier alleged yesterday that the 2nd and 3rd Defendants were not filing any process but only trying to stall hearing of the matter.

The Court struck out the 2nd and 3rd Defendant’s Motion on Notice seeking to file additional Witness Statement on Oath.

Counsel to the 2nd & 3rd Defendants however informed the Court that they had carefully reviewed the case so far and considering the weight of the evidence given so far by the Plaintiff, they do not consider it necessary to call any witness and will be closing their case and asked for a date for adoption of final address.

Dr Pinheiro SAN thereafter commended the Counsel to the 2nd & 3rd Defendant. Referring to him as a brilliant lawyer, he claimed to have been impressed at the tactical manner he handled the defense.

Recall that the crux of the case of the Plaintiff is that the 2nd Defendant presented/deposed to false information in her Form EC9 and also that she submitted forged documents to INEC along with her Form EC9.

The Plaintiff by his own admission under the fire of cross-examination stated that the said Form EC9 he tendered before the court in evidence does not show where the 2nd Defendant deposed to any affidavit.

The Plaintiff further gave evidence that the said Form EC9 tendered by INEC also does not have the oath page to qualify the tendered Form EC9 as an affidavit.

INEC witness also stated in her evidence that the commission did not receive any certificate from the Party on behalf of Hon. Sangodara

Ayinde however wondered where Olasunkanmi got the certificate he alleged belonged to the 2nd Defendant.

He also asked where and when did he see that the 2nd Defendant attached and submitted certificates along with her Form EC9 to INEC.

Ayinde noted that Hon. Mosunmola Sangodara was screened by the party and given clearance to contest in the primary.

He added that Hon. Sangodara squarely and fairly won the primaries but the Plaintiff being a sore loser instituted this action to cause rancour within the rank of All Progressives Congress and embarrass the Party

Ayinde called on the leadership of the All Progressives Congress to unite the party and forge a common front ahead of the General Elections next year.

The matter was adjourned to 8th December 2022 for Adoption of final address.

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Appeal Court Exonerate Zenith Bank, Upturns High Court Judgement Slam Fine on Real Integrated & Hospitality Limited





After several months of legal tussle between Zenith Bank Plc v Real Integrated & Hospitality Limited and State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) Gombe State, a three-man panel in the Court of Appeal sitting in Lagos led by Justice Muhammed Sirajo in Appeal No:CA/LAG/CV/262/2022 – have unanimously upturned the Lagos State High Court judgment of Justice O. O. Abike-Fadipe over claims that; on March 8, 2022, there was a breach of contract because on October 7, 2011, Zenith Bank refused Real Integrated to withdraw from its Account No. 1012465427.


In her judgment, she directed Zenith bank to pay an interest of 15 per cent per annum on the N872,780,522.84 from May 17, 2011, when the advanced payment guarantees expired till judgment and thereafter at the rate of 10 per cent per annum until final liquidation


Through Zenith Bank’s team of counsel led by Prof. Fabian Ajogwu, SAN and Mr Sylva Ogwemoh, SAN, the bank challenged Justice O. O. Abike-Fadipe’s decision of awarding N2,500,000 as the cost of the action in favour of Real Integrated. The legal team via valid argument backed by proofs argued and sought an order setting aside the lower court decision on the ground that it acted in full compliance with its contractual obligations in line with the Advanced Payment Guarantee (APG) contract and that the trial court was wrong. The Court of Appeal, in a unanimous decision on November 23, agreed with the bank’s submission and resolved all the issues raised in its favour. It was gathered that; the 1st Respondent, through its Counsel, E.O Jakpa, argued that the bank breached the contract while SUBEB Gombe State did not contest the Appeal.

Apart from the appellate court setting aside the judgment of Justice Abike-Fadipe, the judge also awarded a cost of N200,000 against Real Integrated & Hospitality Limited and in favour of Zenith Bank. The appeal court further stated that the lower court judgment was upturned on the ground that the trial court was wrong to have presumed that the bank withheld the full account statement of Real Integrated in the light of Exhibit C6 (the comprehensive Statement of Account of Real Integrated), which was tendered by the bank for a limited purpose, adding that there was no need for the lower court to have invoked Section 167 (d) of the Evidence Act, 2011 against the bank.

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Power of Prayer as Apostle Suleman Raises Boy from Dead in Benin City





Few days ago, another shocking testimony of God’s healing power was made in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. Popular servant of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman, prayed life into the unconscious body of a five years old boy.


Judging from the two-day ‘Mighty Turnaround’ crusade, the manifestation inspired believers. Normally, when a person has been declared dead for half an hour, doctors give up. But, according to the Scriptures, that was just when Jeremiah was called to pray. Jeremiah prayed and the lifeless man’s heart began to beat and he came back from the dead. That was the lot of the lucky boy, whose life Apostle Suleman spoke to and revived.


So, how did he make that happen? ‘It is the power of prayer,” the ‘Restoration Apostle’ enthused in his sermon. He continued; “It’s really as simple as that. And we have a testimony that the miraculous experience is having great effects on believers, it has raised people’s faith levels.”


Sources from the Benin City crusade said that the experience really raised people’s expectations “because they saw God move”.


According to Apostle Suleman in one of his recorded prayer services, “the power of prayer seeking God’s intervention in human’s affairs was seen most dramatically when God raised Christ from the dead. The resurrection was something the earliest followers of Jesus experienced as a real, historical event. This shows that the very power that raised Jesus from the dead is still available to us and we get it when we ask God in prayer. We ask Him and He helps us with power that exceeds our comprehension and expectations.”


The Benin experience was not Apostle Suleman’s first, but it has continued to stay on the front burner, given the surge of testimonies that followed the service. 

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Crude oil theft: Pyrates demand sack of CDS over burning of vessel





The National Association of Seadogs, Pyrates Confraternity in a renewed call to President Muhammadu Buhari to revisit the burning of MT Deino has demanded the sack of the Chief of Defence Staff, General Lucky Irabor.

The burning of the vessel by the Nigerian Navy after its arrest had elicited controversy and polarised stakeholders.

In a press statement titled ‘General Irabor’s Ignoble Defence of Impunity’, the NAS Capoon, Mr Abiola Owoaje described Irabor’s defence of the vessel outside the ambit of the law as unacceptable.

“The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) considers this defence of official impunity by General Irabor as unconvincing and defective. The reference to ambiguous and spurious “rules of engagement” is an untenable and unacceptable defence of the destruction of potential criminal exhibits and an illegal conflation of the roles of accuser and judge. It is worth emphasising that General Irabor has not made reference to any known law of the land which confers on the military the power to destroy vessels arrested for oil theft arbitrarily,” he said.





Owoaje, who pointed out that all officers of the armed forces involved in the burning have violated Section 111 of the Armed Forces Act said the “hasty destruction of MT Deino and its cargo raises more questions than provides answers and has fuelled widespread fear of official collusion with the criminals engaged in oil theft”.

While pointing out that the burning of the vessel with the stolen crude oil has added to the environmental degradation of the Niger Delta region, he stressed that Irabor can no longer be trusted with the war against oil theft.

According to him, relieving Irabor of his duties as CDS would allow investigation into circumstances surrounding the burning of the vessel unhindered.

Owoaje also supported the idea of building a tank farm to store seized stolen crude which can be sold on court orders to save the environment and generate more income for the government.

He said the case of burning of the vessel presents an opportunity for the government to demonstrate its seriousness to fight oil theft because “Nigerians would not accept anything less.”

The statement reads in part, “The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) therefore demands that President Muhammad Buhari revisit the issue of the burnt vessel by removing General Irabor as CDS. His defence of illegality perpetrated by officers under him portrays him as someone who can no longer be trusted in the war against oil theft being waged by the Federal Government. His removal from office would ensure a probe panel to be set up to investigate the circumstances surrounding the actual burning of the vessel works unhindered to identify all the officers who were involved in the act for prosecution. We also seek full public disclosure of investigations into the identity of the owners of the vessel and immediate prosecution of the Captain and the crew of MT Deino to demonstrate the seriousness the Federal Government attached to the fight against crude oil theft.

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