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Tips to Help Reduce your Electricity Consumption 



The High rate of power consumption in our homes lately has made several people groan over obnoxious sent by Power distribution companies. The prepaid meter system is the best option to pay what you actually consumed but that option seems to have gone sour with the high tariff rate recently signed by the federal government. In other to consume power and manage available resources, here are some tips that will aid low consumption if followed strictly.

To start with, you should know that for these tips to work for you; you need a prepaid meter installed. If you want to save power, start by getting a prepaid meter installed at home.


1. Remove all plugs and turn off switches:

Many don’t know this but turning off a device while leaving it plugged in does not cut off the power supply. The device still consumes residue energy called vampire or standby power. To avoid this, cut off power to a device by turning off the socket and the device’s power switch.

2. Replace all your bulbs at home with energy-efficient models:

Although non-energy-efficient bulbs are cheaper to purchase, they become more expensive in the long run to use. This is because they consume far more power than energy-saving bulbs. For example, the average wattage of an ordinary bulb is around 60 to 200. However, energy-saving bulbs are as low as 7 to 11 watts. This means that one would consume more than ten times the other’s power; the choice is yours.

Also, it would help if you become more cautious with how long you leave your bulb on. Turn them off during the day, and when you want to sleep at night; especially your kitchen, toilet and bathroom lights. Only leave security lights on.

3. Limit your fan and Air conditioner’s runtime:

The ceiling fan is one of the home’s highest passive power consumers. You might not know it, but your fan practically runs all day and night, which significantly impacts your power bills.

One thing you can do is replace all your fans with energy-efficient models if you have the means. However, if you don’t have the energy-efficient model, simply regulate how long the fan runs.

The energy-consuming capacity of an air conditioner is well known. Keep it running for a day, and it would make a telling impact on your bills. A 1.5hp (1119watts) Ac running for 10 hours at a rate of N60 per kilowatt would cost you well over N30,000 alone. You can shuffle run time between your fan and air conditioner, depending on how many units you purchase per month. Limiting your fan to running only about 8 hours a day can save you hundreds of naira.

4. Revisit your refrigerator:

This is another appliance that consumes the most power at home. The average watt consumption of a refrigerator is 1200 watts per day (depending on the model), which means they consume one of, if not the highest power at home. You can reduce consumption by purchasing a smaller freezer, which is the more expensive approach or doing the following:

Move the refrigerator to an area with adequate air circulation, as it helps it become more power-efficient.

Your fridge should also be at least 2 inches away from the wall and not stand directly exposed to sunlight.

Another thing you should do is not stuff up your refrigerator. This reduces the overall efficiency of the unit because of the lesser space available for air circulation. It also means that the unit would draw more power to meet the demand. Ensure you defrost the fridge regularly too

Asides from the tips mentioned in this article, you should also sit down to study your home. If possible, create a list of all your appliances and their watt rating. Start trimming down consumption by replacing the device with a more energy-efficient model, or reducing its use.

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Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye: Gathering Intelligence, Countering Terrorism and Restoring Security Confidence




By Oladapo Sofowora 

 Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye, the Nigerian Army Chief of Defence Intelligence is not your run-on-the-mill military officer. He lives a very simple abstract life devoid of fanfare and does not love to blow his trumpet himself. Since his days as a junior officer in the Nigerian Army; Emmanuel has distinguished himself as a fine officer whose future was bright and crystal clear. He remained resilient and focused on his way to the top and didn’t expect a reward for any of his hard work. 
Undiandeye as the Commandant of the Martin Luther Agwai International Leadership and Peacekeeping Centre, Jaji, Kaduna State, and also as a member of the Troop Contributing Countries Working Group for developing the second edition of the United Nations Infantry Battalion Manual (UNIBAM) showed capacity and with his repertoire of knowledge and his dedication to work. Those who have had an opportunity to work with him have testified to the fact that; he is an angel in human form. He is a non-tribal Nigerian who cares less about your origin. But sees everyone as one and gives everyone under his command equal opportunity. He is always happy to see people under him thrive and soar higher.
The erstwhile boss he worked with confirmed that he is indeed a swizz knife that can function in a multi-dimensional way. Some say; he is a quiet but suave man who just wants to do his job and go without accolades but the good work and passion he has put into his job over the years made him singled out among his peers for elevation. Today, he didn’t just get to his position by fluke but rather by sheer dint of hard work and resilience believing in himself and his creator who rewards diligence and hard work.
 Today, the Bedia, Obudu LGA Calabar-born military man has continued to soar higher in his capacity as Chief of Defence intelligence. An avid team player; he believes in the ability to collaborate which has made his job easier and also the ability to work from the back seat not looking for any validation.
 Furthermore, Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye’s dedication to his role has led to the successful foiling of attacks and the arrest of adversaries threatening the integrity of Nigeria. His strategic use of intelligence, technology, and collaboration with other agencies has resulted in significant advancements in combating insurgency, economic sabotage, and other threats to the nation’s progress. While many are not aware of his giant strides; the proactive man has been at the forefront of the improvement of Nigeria’s security architecture. What many thought was hard in gathering intelligence; under his watch, he simplified it. Under his watch, the military has recorded high success in reducing insurgency, Oil and Gas theft, economic sabotage, and militancy among other menace standing against the growth of the country.
While many knew Military men to be tough and no-nonsense people, CDI is a very kind human who sees himself as an ordinary servant of the people rather than being a tyrant like many people see some men in uniform. He has openly condemned the conduct of some military officers who openly oppress civilians saying they are supposed to be good ambassadors and they owe their allegiance to the people. Despite his position; he has never failed to show his milk of kindness to his people. While many will desert their home town when in big positions; he rather committed to several projects that will benefit his hometown.
Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye’s approach to leadership emphasizes collaboration, compassion, and service to the community. He has shown remarkable kindness and generosity by initiating projects aimed at benefiting all sundry, such as renovating schools, and hospitals, and supporting communal development. His commitment to uplifting humanity and contributing to nation-building reflects a deep sense of responsibility and care for the well-being of others. He was also said to have handed scholarships to brilliant students and supported women in the community by providing basic amenities for communal survival. Those who are close to him have disclosed that he is a man who loathes the sight of people in distress; he is always ready to do everything within his power to bring succor.

Chief of Defence Intellegence; Emmanuel Parker Undiandeye

 His exemplary conduct and emphasis on integrity in the face of adversity set a positive example for others to follow. In the pursuit of his duties, Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye has remained steadfast in his commitment to professionalism and service to the people. He has consistently advocated for the respect and protection of civilians, illustrating his belief in the essential values of justice, fairness, and compassion. Despite his simplicity; some are taking it for cowardice but he has maintained composure in the face of provocation. Some of his cynics who didn’t want him to succeed have been sponsoring media campaigns to soil his good reputation using some section of the media. They have resorted to character assassination and casting aspersions on him but despite knowing those behind it; in his love for peace he has extended an olive branch to them to have a change of mind and desist from pulling down a man after God’s heart.
Despite all the campaigns Calumny; has continued to deliver in his primary assignment and his name soaring like wildfire despite staying out of media cynosure. Despite facing unwarranted criticism and attempts to tarnish his reputation, he has maintained his dedication to delivering on his responsibilities while displaying admirable resilience and composure. It is important to recognize and appreciate Major General Emmanuel Undiandeye’s contributions as an unsung hero in the quest to make Nigeria a haven. His unwavering commitment to strengthening security and protecting lives and properties has been invaluable to the nation. His remarkable leadership, integrity, and compassion serve as a source of inspiration and motivation for others to strive for excellence and service to humanity.

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OSSAP-TVEE, Ministry of Labour Signs MoU on Skill Development




The Office of the Special Assistant to the President on Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education (OSSAPTVEE) Friday signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of Labour and Employment on the development of skills among youths in the country.

The ceremony, which took place at the office of the Minister of Labour and Employment, Hon. Nkeiruka Chidubem Onyejeocha, was witnessed by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Mr. Ismaila Abubakar, directors of the Ministry as well as the OSSAP-TVEE Team.

In her brief remarks before the signing ceremony, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Education, Madam AbiolaArogundade, expressed delight at the signing of the agreement describing it as a milestone in the collaborative development and upscaling of skills in Nigeria.

Madam Arogundade, who noted that the percentage of the high-skilled labour in the country currently is at the abysmal low of 15 percent, added that her office is currently engaged in  conducting  a skills mapping survey across the 36 states of the Federation to identify relevant skills required in the Job Market,  

She also pointed out that her office is in collaboration with the TETFUND and the National Bureau on Technical Education (NBTE) both to ensure adequate funding support for its programmes and the Certification of Vocational Skills beneficiaries for proper job placement, among other programmes currently being executed by the office.

Article 3 of the MoU,
requires the two bodies to collaborate to achieve an effective and efficient implementation of the President’s 8 point Agenda with respect to Job Creation by creating a descent and sustainable jobs per year to Nigerians, particularly the Youths and to work together to achieve the goals of Labour Employment and Empowerment Programme (LEEP).

This, according to the Article, include the creation of 2.5 million jobs annually especially in the area of vocational and entrepreneurship skills, collaborate among themselves on planning, execution and evaluation of LEEP by ensuring the effective utilization of the resources and expertise and to coordinate regular meetings and progress reports that will be scheduled to assess the achievements and challenges of the programme.

While Article 5 of the MoU also confers on the OSSAP-TVEE the responsibility of  conducting  a skills mapping survey to identify relevant skills required in the Job Market, the Offices agrees to develop a comprehensive curriculum aligned with the identified skills and to oversee the certification process as contained in Article 4  subsection 2 of the MoU.

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FIRS Boss Zaccheus Adedeji, Seyi Tinubu , Aare Dele Momodu, Reuben Abati,.Princes Ganiyat Alli and others Honoured at the 4th South West Advancement Award and Investment Summit 2024




The 4th Edition of South West Advancement Award and Investment Summit took place on Wednesday 12th June at the Prestigious Lagos Oriental Hotels Victoria Island coinciding with the Democracy day

Notable Personality such as Mr Seyi Tinubu Represented by the All Progressive Youth Leader Lagos State Dr Seriki Muritala Ishola, Dr Reuben Abati, Aare Dele Momodu Chairman Ovation Group ,were all honoured at the Event ,Ayaniwura Oodua Igbaye Princess Ganiyat Alli, Representative Of Zach Adedeji – Chairman Federal Inland Revenue service and His Excellency Senator Ademola Adeleke Executive Governor Osun state were specially honoured for their contribution to the growth of the region.

Other Awardees include Mr Femi Shoneye- Chief Corporate Communications Officer NNPC Limited, Amb Dr Mrs Tobiloba Awosoga- Chief Executive Officer OnileOnile Global services, Amb Dr Joel Adesokan-Chairman Into Group, Dr Bldr. Odegade Abdulhakeem-MD/CEO AkModels Group, Parallex Bank, Alhaji Olanrewaju Abdul-Hakeem Atilade
CEO Nottinghano Nigeria Limited, Princess Joylin Mateno Ohooro-CEO Mateno Authentic Designs, Mr Tolulope Joshua Oginni, Mr Fredrick Olunloyo Olonila, Prof Ojo Ademola and Others.


Keynote Speech was delivered by Mr Zaccheus Adedeji- Executive Chairman Federal Inland Revenue Service Represented by Mr. Jaiye Awokoya Special Adviser to Executive Chairman on South West Liason.

The Royal Father of the Day His Imperial Majesty The Ooni of Ife was represented by His Royal Majesty Oba Muraina Adebanjo Adedini -Asoya of Ile Isoya who. Commended the Organiser on behalf of the Ooni and promised to support them from time to time .

The Event features captivating performances and music interludes, The summit is designed to foster unity and development in the south west Region and the Award is designed to Appreciate Excellence , Accountability of an average yoruba Indigene doing well around the world.

The event also featured panelists Session with highly regarded personalities in business world Anchored by Ms Odunola Abayomi-CEO TOD Media, other Panelist Includes Amb Tosin Sanusi, Mr Abayomi Adewumi and Prince Joseph Eniola.

The Conveners Amb Desmond Femi Agboola and Amb Kingsley Tolu Agboola highlighted that the event was a huge success and pray for the best in the region

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